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The eternal question is: “What is the purpose of my life?” The birth chart, answers that exact question and defines your purpose. Your astrology chart shows your challenges, as well as your talents and will easily explain the highest potential you want to achieve this lifetime. When Susie interprets your astrology chart, she puts it in clear English, so you can easily understand your life tendencies.


Astrology Birth Charts and Transits




Why do you have your astrology birth chart done?


  • Tool for self-understanding.
  • Getting to know others.
  • Transitions: Marriage, Divorce, Retirement.
  • Comparing your chart with others for compatibility.
  • Moving or Traveling  – with Astro*Carto*Graphy


Astrology Transits can be used as a tool for the optimum timing of events in your life. Your power dates are easily seen in the Transits, or movements of the planets in the right now. For example, starting a business during Mercury retrograde, is usually a recipe for failure. But if you open on the Full Moon, your business has a much better chance of being a success.


Why do you have your Astrology Transits done?

  • To find the best timing for events in your life.
  • To plan out the next year.
  • When to take holidays.
  • When to get married, start a business or project.
  • When to sign contracts.