• Daily Astrology for September 21, 2020

    Astro Word of the Day: Communication. Intelligent Mercury is opposite to energitic Mars this entire week. If you have some writing to finish, now is your time. If you have some people to call and talk to, now is your time. If you are making big decisions that will change things quickly, now is also your time. Evening Planets If you go out after the sunset, you can easily see the Moon as she heads towards Jupiter and Saturn later this week. This is the perfec time to watch how fast the Moon mov…

  • Daily Astrology for September 18, 2020

    Astro Word of the Day: Organization. The Sun is still in Virgo and we have a New Moon. This would be a great weekend to go through your stuff and organize it. Think of wrapping up the summer and welcoming the fall season. The Fall Equinox is in just a few days. You are in for a treat tonight, if you have a clear western horizon and no clouds or smoke. The tiny little New Moon is right next to illusive Mercury. Binoculars might help and it's worth it!

  • Daily Astrology for September 17, 2020

    Astro Word of the Day: New Moon in Virgo. The Moon is starting her lunar cycle today. This is the perfect day to write a Virgo To-Do-List for the next month. Be detailed with lots of items to check off. Even though it's still warm, autumn is just around the corner. What do you need to do to prepare for a new season? Evening Planets The Moon has just passed the Sun, but she is too close to be seen yet. But Juiter and Saturn are very easy to spot high in the sky along the Ecliptic.

  • Daily Astrology for September 16, 2020

    Astro Word of the Day: Completions. It's the dark of the Moon today, so this is the end of the Lunar cycle. This is the time to wrap up the projects you started yesterday. The New Moon will emerge tomorrow to start a new month with new activities. You can do it. Morning Planets The Moon will be lost in the glow of the Sun to emerge as the New Moon tomorrow. We won't be able to see her for a couple of days until we can see her after sunset. Bye Moon.

  • Daily Astrology for September 15, 2020

    Astro Word of the Day: Accomplishements. The Sun in Virgo is trine to the Capricorn planets now. This is a great time to focus on something difficult and that you have maybe been procrastinating about. Just grab it and tackle it. You will see that it's really not as hard as you thought. You will celebrate afterwards. Morning Planets If you get up before sunrise, you can see the Moon for the next couple of days. She will then emerge as the New Moon in the evening sky.

  • Daily Astrology for September 14, 2020

    Astro Word of the Day: Change. Creative Venus is square to inventive Uranus for the next couple of days. This is a great time to switch things up a bit. Rearrange furniture, clean out your closet and give things away you don't need. Take a look at your life in a new way and make adjustments. Feng Shui favored. Morning Planets Now is the time to get up early and see the Moon next to Venus. The Moon will be disappearing in a couple of days, so get up early to see them. Beautiful show!

  • Daily Astrology for September 11, 2020

    Astro Word of the Day: Mars Retrograde. Mars just turned retrograde and will be moving backwards until mid November. Fires are raging in California, demonstrations in many cities and a very tense election is ahead of us. This is the time to take things easy and count to ten before you react to anything. Take care. Morning Planets I got up early this morning to see the Moon next to Venus, but it was either so cloudy or smokey that I couldn't see them.

  • Daily Astrology for September 10, 2020

    Astro Word of the Day: Dreams. The Sun is still opposite Neptune for the next couple of days. This is the time to look inside and see what you want to do. Take some quiet time today to reflect on your life and align yourself with your higher self. Send love to others too. Morning Planets Tomorrow is The morning to get up early. The Moon will be very close to brilliant Venus for a real show. Set the alarm for 1/2 before sunrise and look towards the east. You can miss them!

  • Daily Astrology for September 9, 2020

    Astro Word of the Day: Healing. With the Sun aligning with spiritual Neptune, now is a great time to do some meditating, yoga and send positive energy to the world. My good friend is evacuating her home today because of the raging fires in California, so she's on my mind. I'll be sending positive energy to her and others who are struggling now. Neptune is also about water. Maybe we could all do a rain dance! Morning Planets The Moon is doing a show for us now as she heads towards Venus the nex…

  • Daily Astrology for September 8, 2020

    Astro Word of the Day: Creativity. The Sun is opposing inspirational Neptune this entire week. If you have an artistic project to do, now is the time. The Virgo Sun will keep you focused so you won't get distracted. Do as much as you can before Mars turns retrograde on Friday. That might throw us off a bit until we get used to Mars going backwards. Morning Planets The Moon is moving eastward each morning and will join Venus in a few days. This is a great time to see how fast the Moon moves eac…