Astrological Preview for 2018

    Another year is behind us and we are now entering the new year of 2018. So it’s time to look at what is happening in the future. Print this article and use it as a reference for the important dates ahead. It’s always nice to know when special celestial events are going to occur.

    This will be quite an exciting year and here are some highlights for 2018. Along with the usual Mercury retrogrades, Venus and Mars will also being doing their retrograde cycles during this year. That will bring some needed changes between the feminine and the masculine. We are already seeing a new dynamic since Jupiter entered Scorpio on October 11, 2017.  Henry Weinstein started an avalanche of sexual harassment on October 10th. This scandal is deep to reach the likes of Matt Lauer, Garrison Keillor and Al Franken. Having both Venus and Mars retrograding in the same year as Jupiter in sexy Scorpio, a new paradigm shift is bound to happen around men and women – and sex.

    Another trend happening this year is Capricorn . . . lots of Capricorn. There is a huge party of planets gathering in Capricorn in 2020 and it’s starting to form now. Pluto is already in Capricorn, that serious sign of business, corporations, government and regulations. Saturn entered Capricorn December 21, 2017. Jupiter will get there in December 2019 to almost complete the grouping. This Capricorn party has many social and political implications that I wrote an entire article on them. Click, Saturn in Capricorn: Time for New Rules. We’ll see this Capricorn phase building in 2018.

    In Chinese Astrology, last year was the infamous Fire Rooster that changes on February 16th to the stable Earth Dog. That change will switch up the energy tremendously.

    After the huge Great American Eclipse that occurred last August 21st, we only have partial Solar Eclipses this year. Eclipses are all about the alignment between the Sun, Moon and Earth and it goes in definite cycles. But the both the Lunar Eclipses are total this year.


    Here are the most important celestial events happening in 2018.

    Mercury Retrogrades      March 23rd – April 15th

                                                    July 26th – August 19th

                                                    November 17th – December 6th

    It’s always good to know when Mercury turns retrograde during the year. Of course, these are the best times for spring, summer or fall house cleanings. Go through your closets and dark areas you usually avoid. You might be surprised what you have hidden away. Release any old stuff, emotional patterns and outdated habits you want to let go of. It will be easier during these dates than other times.

    Mars Retrograde              June 26th – August 27th

    Mars only turns retrograde approximately every 2 years, so it doesn’t happen very often. All retrogrades are times to rethink, regroup and release whatever is completed. Sometimes it relates to things, like going through your closet for unused clothes. Other times it relates to releasing old patterns in your life. It will always be slightly different, but will have the theme of letting go. The sign the planet is retrograding in also has an effect. In this Mars retrograde, the backwards motion will start in rebellious Aquarius and ends up in serious Capricorn. Mars will enter Capricorn on March 18th and will have joined both Saturn and Pluto by the end of the month, strengthening the hold Capricorn has on us all. March could be a volatile month in the Capricorn area of business and government. Then the Mars retrograde will clean out some unnecessary dead wood during the summer. The spring and summer of 2018 will be quite hot in many different ways. One little note: Both Mars and Mercury are doing a retrograde at the same time. A time for brilliant ideas or tempers could flare.

    Venus Retrograde                        October 5th – November 16th

    Venus is the planet of the feminine, beauty, art, music and yes, love. Venus does a retrograde cycle only once approximately every 1 ½ years, so it doesn’t happen often. All retrogrades are a time to rethink patterns and a Venus retrograde is the time to change patterns relating to her domain. This will be a hybrid retrograde since it will start out in Scorpio and end up in Libra. We’re seeing a theme here, folks. Scorpio is about secrets, intrigue and yes, sex. Libra is all about relationships. With both Mars and Venus doing a retrograde, how men and women see each other will change drastically this year. We all have to be authentic and real about how we feel. No faking it with Venus retrograding in Scorpio. This can be sexy and powerful if the participants are totally engaged and committed. Or it can be terribly disruptive on the deepest level. I can say that this year will be shocking to us all.

    Uranus enters Taurus      May 16, 2018 – April 27, 2026

    The slow planet Uranus has an orbit of 84 years and is therefore in a sign for about 8 years. When this dynamic rebel of a planet, Uranus, changes signs, everyone notices. It starts a new phase that will be with us for a while. Uranus is the planet of sudden change. The sign of Taurus is an earth sign that relates to money, the environment, business and yes, love. (Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus). If we look at the theme of the year, it seems there are several pointers to men, women and love. Uranus entering Taurus is part of that theme. This could also talk about changes with the weather patterns and the environment, especially land masses.


    Eclipses of the Sun                       Partial            February 15th

                                                     Partial            July 13th

                                                     Partial            August 11th

    Eclipses of the Moon           Total               January 31st

                                                    Total               July 27th

    Every year there are two Eclipse seasons that are six month apart. Within both season there will be a Solar and Lunar Eclipse that are two weeks apart. A Solar Eclipse occurs on the New Moon and a Lunar Eclipse occurs on the Full Moon. Last year we had the Great American Eclipse on August 21st. It was such a long, exact Eclipse, that we only have partial Solar Eclipses this year. But we have three partial Eclipses instead of the usual two Solar Eclipses. So no Solar Eclipse parties this year. But we will have two Total Lunar Eclipses. The first one, on January 31st, will be visible on the western part of the US, but the one in July will only be visible in Europe and the Middle East. Last year was our Eclipse year.


    Chinese Year of the Earth Dog             January 16th

    The Chinese New Year starts at a different date each year. The beginning is at sunset on the second New Moon after the Winter Solstice. All this is based on when it happens in China. Like Western Astrology, the Chinese Zodiac has 12 signs, or animals. This year the animal is the stable Earth Dog. This year will be quite a contrast to the volatile Fire Rooster of 2017 that is just ending. For a reminder about the out-of-control Rooster, here is an abbreviated excerpt from my last year’s Preview for 2017 from The Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes (1979) by Theodora Lau. “The personality of the Fire Rooster is arrogant, overly confident, and prone to large, ambitious and unrealistic plans . . . argumentative and shines when he’s the center of attention.”

    The Earth Dog will be so completely different that the style of things should change to reflect the new Chinese sign. As contrast, this will come as a soothing time, although it will have the possibility of conservative thought and actions. So what is the Dog about? The Chinese Dog is loyal, steady, stubborn, fair, effective and passionate. His ideals and morals are not only above reproach, but direct the Dog’s focus. He has very strong beliefs, which are very difficult to change.  He is the open-minded sentry who is guarding the interest of the public at large by preserving social goals. The Dog is intelligent, honest, straightforward and has a sense of equality and fair play. Libra is the Western correlation to the Dog. Money is not the motivating factor of this sign. This animal likes to meet people half way and is good at listening and offering reason.  This doesn’t mean that the Dog can’t snarl and have a sharp tongue, since they are quite outspoken and highly opinionated. The Dog’s leadership is unemotional. This animal is an introvert and pessimist who doesn’t enjoy the public eye.

    Now let’s overlay the element of Earth on the Dog. The Earth element brings a sense of calm to the already steady Dog. This will bring efficient and constructive thinking; moving ahead slowly with purpose; careful use of money; kind hearted spirit and practical vs sentimental. The Earth Dog is quiet and will not abuse powers given to him and will be good at delegating with a keen sense of the skills of the people.

    The pendulum always swings and this is quite a large change from the Fire Rooster of 2017. Life unfolds exactly as it should, so this will be fun to watch.


    Visible Planets

    We don’t have a cool Eclipse like last year, in fact, all the Solar Eclipses are only partial and won’t bring any buzz at all. But we have a year of dazzling displays of planets and easy to see. Recently, most of the planets were only visible in the predawn sky. I very much prefer watching the planets in the evening sky after sunset than before sunrise. So this is the year for us late-sleepers. From August through October we’ll be able to see Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars along the Ecliptic after sunset. Of course, once a month the Moon travels past them all for a regular treat.

    In addition to the evening display, we also have a pretty sweet predawn alignment. The Moon will move past both Mars and Saturn and will all be seen in the eastern sky about ½ hour before sunrise. The magic dates for this event are April 6th – 8th.

    • Venus will be seen as the “evening star” right after the sunset in the western sky from February 20th – October 22nd. She will be in the eastern sky right before sunrise from November 1st – December 31st.
    • Mars can be seen in the morning sky from January 1st – July 27th.  Mars can then be seen in the evening sky from July 27th – December 31st.
    • Jupiter can be seen in the morning sky from January 1st – May 9th and then again from December 9th – 31st. Jupiter can be seen in the evening sky from May 9th – November 13th.
    • Saturn can be seen in the morning sky from January 8th – June 27th. Saturn can be seen in the evening sky from June 27th – December 16th.


    Data for 2018

    Mercury Retrogrades                      March 23rd – April 15th

                                                                July 26th – August 19th

                                                                November 17th – December 6th

    Mars Retrograde                              June 26th – August 27th

    Venus Retrograde                            October 5th – November 16th

    Chinese Year of Earth Dog              January 16th

    Eclipses                      Total Eclipse of the Moon 12 Leo                      January 31st

                                        Partial Eclipse of the Sun 27 Aquarius              February 15th

                                        Partial Eclipse of the Sun 20 Cancer                 July 13th

    Equinoxes and

    Solstices                   Spring Equinox                                                        March 21st

                                        Summer Solstice                                                     June 22nd

                                        Fall Equinox                                                             September 23rd

                                        Winter Solstice                                                        December 22nd

    Full Moons              Capricorn Sun/Cancer Moon                                  January 1st

                                        Aquarius Sun/Leo Moon  Eclipse                         January 31st

                                        Pisces Sun/Virgo Moon                                         March 1st

                                        Aries Sun/Libra Moon                                           March 31st

                                        Taurus Sun/Scorpio Moon                                  April 29th

                                        Gemini Sun/Sagittarius Moon                            May 29th

                                        Cancer Sun/Capricorn Moon                              June 27th

                                        Leo Sun/Aquarius Moon Eclipse                        July 27th

                                        Virgo Sun/Pisces Moon                                        August 26th

                                        Libra Sun/Aries Moon                                          September 24th

                                        Scorpio Sun/Taurus Moon                                  October 24th

                                        Sagittarius Sun/Gemini Moon                            November 22nd

                                        Capricorn Sun/Cancer Moon                              December 22nd






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