Astrology During Aries

    The Sun enters the sign of Aries on March 20th at 3:00 p.m., Mountain Time. Aries is a fire sign and is associated with Mars, the warrior. Aries is the initiator of the Zodiac and reminds me of the Big Bang, which supposedly was the beginning of everything. This dynamic sign talks fast, drives fast and obviously, doesn’t have a lot of patience with anything. Yes, coffee is the drug of choice for Aries.

    How perfect it is that the beginning of the astrological year is Aries as well as the Spring Equinox. The first day of spring is zero degrees Aries, every year. So Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and begins the year. That means Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac and ends the year. Somehow that is also perfect. Winter has ended and the new spring flowers are blooming, heralding the new season.

    This Spring Equinox is pretty special because it coincides with the Full Moon, which is always in the opposite sign as the Sun. But this isn’t just a normal Full Moon, but it’s a Super Moon, which means that it will be closer to the Earth and therefore larger than a normal Full Moon. So this will be a Super Full Moon in Libra, the sign of relationships. Libra is the diplomat of the Zodiac and it is a positive indication to start the new astrological year with a sweet Super Full Moon.

    This astrological new year also starts out with Mercury retrograde.  Mercury turned retrograde on March 6th and will turn direct on March 28th. This time Mercury is turning backwards in the sign of Pisces. Be kind to yourself during this one. You might have a harder time making up your mind during this retrograde. But you will feel quite creative, so that might be a better focus than making any decisions using logic. Trust your intuition instead.

    The month of Aries also started with the slow planet, Uranus, having just entered the sign of Taurus. Uranus will remain in Taurus until 2026, so it’s a big deal and will change the world as we know it. Uranus is about sudden change and Taurus doesn’t like change very much at all --- so it’s an odd combination. The odd couple. This is the very beginning of a major evolution in humanity. We can all expects surprises.

    Regarding the visible planets, everything is happening in the predawn sky now. So if you get up about ½ hour before sunrise and look towards the east, you will have a real treat. You will see brilliant Venus, bright Jupiter and dim Saturn all along the Ecliptic arc in the sky. The Moon will go past them all from March 26th through April 2nd, to make them even more stunning. The only planet visible in the evening sky is Mars.

    See you next in Taurus!


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