Astrology during Aries


    The Sun enters the sign of Aries on March 19th at 9:09 p.m., Mountain Time. Aries is a fire sign and the very first sign of the Zodiac. It’s not surprising that Aries is the first, because they live for being first. Coffee is their drug of choice and they like to drive fast. They do everything fast and enjoy it. I named them the Pioneer of the Zodiac, because of their love or rather, need for new experiences. The typical Aries is bold and assertive and ready for whatever life sends them.

    Welcome to the Spring or Vernal Equinox! How perfect for the sign of Aries to start spring! Equinox means equal nights and it is when the day and night are about the same length. That also happens on the Autumn or Fall Equinox. One sweet fact is that the Sun rises due east and sets due west only on these two days of the year. So if you want to get your true directions, watch the Sun rise and set on the first day of spring or fall.

    The ancients build monuments that were aligned with the Sun on the Equinox. The most famous is probably Stonehenge in England, but there are many others. The spring and Aries is a time to start fresh. In addition to the New Year being January 1st, the astrological New Year is the first day of spring. Use it as a new beginning.

    The month of Aries starts with the entire world wrapped up in the Corona virus news. The planets are doing an intense dance now and we all feel it. Remember the Capricorn Party, well, Mars has just entered Capricorn and will bring them all to life in a very Marsy kind of a way. He just can’t do it another way. The job of Mars is to stir things up and move events along in a rather fast style. So, what is pesky Mars going to be doing to almost all the planets? He’ll wake them all up! If this Capricorn grouping is about changing the world, Mars will trigger it off. Here are the important dates:

    • Mars joins Jupiter on March 22nd. Stress on a global level. Frenzy.
    • Mars joins Pluto on March 23rd. Intensity increasing. Potential danger.
    • Mars joins Saturn on March 31st. Changing the rules. Inner focus of attention.

    Saturn has a sobering affect and yes, hibernation belongs to Saturn and Capricorn. Entire countries are on lock down now, which is very Capricorn. Because of this aggressive virus, a new phrase has hit the world: Social Distancing. This is all part of this Capricorn era. I knew the last week in March was going to be intense, because of Mars. But who could have guessed such a global situation as this? Very few events really affect the entire world . . . this is one of those events. The world is changing now in ways that are hard to imagine.

    Then a very rare, almost shocking thing happens. After all this time in conservative, serious Capricorn, both Mars and Saturn enter the revolutionary sign of Aquarius within one week of each other. Saturn enters Aquarius on March 21st and Mars joins him on March 30th. They exactly join each other at zero degrees of Aquarius on March 31st. That’s monumental, folks. The likelihood of them both being there at the same time is oh so rare. It’s like they are throwing up the door to Aquarius with a powerful intention and gusto. Since Aquarius is associated with the collective, Saturn will have some new rules for the world around this time.

    This is the very beginning of a new time in history that we are all watching happen before our very own eyes. These are truly historic times. Saturn will retrograde back into Capricorn for a bit, but this is towards the very end of his stay in his own sign of Capricorn. Even though Pluto won’t enter Aquarius until 2023, at least the Capricorn Party will start to break up. I was generous to call it a Party . . .  it isn’t much fun. I should have called it a forum or a meeting or maybe a summit. Yes, the Capricorn Summit is about the adjourn. Welcome to radical, innovative and progressive Aquarius!

    About the visible planets, the planetary show is all in the predawn sky. And if you are an early riser, it’s quite a show. Get up about ½ before sunrise and you will see Mars, Jupiter and Saturn all quite close together and for this entire month and for months to come. Mars will start to separate from the group, but they will all be visible for a long time. The only visible planet in the evening sky is brilliant Venus. Don’t forget about her.


    See you all in Taurus!


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