Astrology During Capricorn

    The Sun enters the sign of Capricorn on December 21st at 9:21 p.m., Mountain Time. Capricorn is the Executive of the Zodiac and is involved with business, government and the structure of things. Since they like to create, many Capricorns are architects or builders. Capricorn is the authority figure of all the signs. Leo might take exception, but I still think Capricorn is the most structured. Why are they so stable? Because Saturn, the taskmaster, is their planet. Capricorns couldn’t flake out or even procrastinate if they tried . . . Saturn would never let them.

    Welcome to the Winter Solstice! The first day of Capricorn is the first day of Winter. The seasons are always connected with the Zodiac. Aries brings Spring. Cancer brings Summer. Libra brings the autumn and Capricorn brings winter. Always. On the Winter Solstice, the days are the shortest and the nights the longest of the entire year. (It is opposite in the Southern Hemisphere, of course). After the Winter solstice, the light comes back, so many cultures have bon fires and celebrate the return of the light. It is a time for reflection, renewal and therefore regeneration and honoring the light within.

    We are now also entering one of the two Eclipse seasons of the year. This next Solar Eclipse will be very interesting since it’s occurring on December 25th or Christmas day. This one will only be an Annular Eclipse, which means that there will be a ring of light around the Moon during maximum eclipse. It is not a Total Eclipse. This one will be seen from the Middle East to western Australia. Even though you won’t be able to see this Eclipse, everyone will feel it. This holiday could take on more meaning than normal. Be mindful. Be generous with our time and show concern for humanity. We’re all in this together.

    Each Eclipse season has an Eclipse of the Sun and two weeks apart will have an Eclipse of the Moon. The corresponding Lunar Eclipse will occur on January 10, 2020. This one will be visible in NW North America, Australia, Asia, Europe and Africa.

    Both December 2019 and January 2020 are very important months. All astrologers are looking particularly at January 2020 and have been studying it for quite a while. Why is it so important? Remember me talking about the Capricorn party of planets? Well, in January, the largest grouping of planets will be in Capricorn that I have ever seen. Why is this so rare? When there are slow planets involved, it makes it even more rare. At the peak or this grouping, we will have 6 planets in Capricorn. That’s a lot, considering the slow planets are part of the grouping. The main dates for the Capricorn peak will be the last week in December and most of January. The Lunar Eclipse on January 10th will definitely trigger off the Capricorn presence. That Capricorn Party will be looked at more closely in the Preview of 2020, which is also in this newsletter.

    It seems that this Capricorn grouping has already started to flex it’s muscles. The historic news is that President of the United States was impeached. What an absolutely perfect time to have an impeachment trial in January 2020. I was seeing this months ago because such a extraordinary grouping of planets must coincide with historic events. It’s just the way astrology works. We are in historic times and astrology is a great tool to understand them. Please read the Preview of 2020 in this newsletter to learn more.

    About the visible planets, our brilliant Jupiter has sunk into the western sky. I’m going to miss Jupiter after all these last months he’s been putting on a show. His traveling partner, Saturn, will also be lost to the glow of the Sun. Jupiter’s very last day to be seen in December 15th and Saturn’s last day is December 27th. They have been getting more difficult to see recently and now they will officially be gone. We can see Venus in the evening sky above the western horizon. Mars is the only planet visible now in the predawn sky.

    I’ll see you all in 2020 for Aquarius.


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