Astrology during Gemini

    The Sun enters the sign of Gemini on May 20th at 6:50 a.m., Mountain Time. Gemini is an air sign and is associated with the communicator of the planets, Mercury. I’ve named Gemini the student/teacher. Once this sign learns something, they want to share it with the world. Typically, they are avid readers. Many Gemini are teachers, authors, media people and entrepreneurs. They have a child-like wonder and if left alone they entertain themselves beautifully. Look at that flower. Wow, what a beautiful sunset. I’m lucky to be a Gemini and that’s why I love writing my newsletters each month. I find writing fun!

    This month brings some retrogrades. Yes, Mercury will do its backward motion, like he does three times a year. This Mercury retrograde will start on June 18th and last until July 12th. This Mercury retrograde will be in the sign of Cancer. Retrogrades are the best times to rethink, review and reboot. The sign it’s retrograde in is the area to regroup. The sign of Cancer is about the home, food and security. With most of the world just reemerging from quarantine, the home has been a main focus for months. Use this retrograde to Feng Shui your home to clean things out and absolutely get rid of what you no longer need. Now is the time. Family dynamics might change during the summer.

    But not only is Mercury doing a retrograde, but Venus will also be going backwards. Venus is a slower planet than Mercury and therefore doesn’t retrograde as often. Venus takes about 6 weeks to retrograde and it only happens about every 1 ½ years. The rarer a cycle, the more important it is. This Venus retrograde will be in the sign of Gemini the entire time. This sign is all about learning. This would be a great time to get trained in something you are in love with. You will find that your voice is stronger and more willing to speak your truth. Your telephone system is related to Gemini and this might be the time to upgrade your communications systems. Gemini loves gadgets and the high-tech world. Redecorate and clean out your office space.

    Gemini is the sign in the limelight now with another exciting thing to happening too. The North Node, that has an 18.6-year cycle, entered Gemini on May 5th and will remain there until January 2022. The North Node is a point of destiny and when it’s in your sign, it will bring a time of recognition, notoriety and success. This is the time for Gemini to shine brightly. If you have a book in your that you want to write, now is the time. Go for it, dear Gemini.

    One thing that is very interesting during this month is that several of the slow planets are also retrograde. In addition to Mercury and Venus, the planets in the left-over Capricorn party, Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn, are all retrograde now too. There are only eight planets that can retrograde and five of them are going backwards at the same time. That will be a lot of retrogrades, folks. Take plenty of time to reflect and try to change your life as much as you can. Change will be in the air. Ok, it should be a fascinating summer!

    Regarding the visible planets, there are No visible planets in the evening sky! Venus is too close to the Sun to be seen and all the rest of the planets are in the predawn sky. If you are an early riser, you can see Jupiter Saturn and Mars before sunrise. Yes, they are worth getting up early to see!

    Take care and I’ll see you all in the sign of Cancer.


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