Astrology During Scorpio

    The Sun enters the sign of Scorpio on October 22nd at 10:28 p.m., Mountain Time. Scorpio is a water sign and is associated with the planet of intensity, Pluto. Scorpio is the most misunderstood sign of the Zodiac and yes, Scorpios do have something to do with that, because they like their privacy. Many are fairly quiet and are not the best communicators. They like mysteries, puzzles and secrets. It’s not surprising that Scorpio is associated with private investigators as well as spies. Don’t try to pry out any information, because you won’t succeed and just make your Scorpio quieter.

    This is quite a calm month, astrologically. The Great American Eclipse is done and we won’t have another Eclipse until February 2018. It is interesting to note that there will be three Solar Eclipses that year and all of them are Partial Eclipses. So no big travel or parties for Solar Eclipses for a while. We will have two Total Lunar Eclipses; one in January and one in July of 2018. We won’t have a Mercury Retrograde until December 2017. I am welcoming a bit of calm after all the recent excitement and turmoil in the world.

    The biggest astrology now is about Jupiter. On October 10th, Jupiter entered the sign of Scorpio and will remain there until November 8, 2018. Since Jupiter has a 12-year orbit, it spends approximately one year transiting through one sign. So, this is our Jupiter in Scorpio year. Jupiter represents abundance and Scorpio is all about high finance. This is the time for us all to look at our finances and get as educated and empowered as we can during this year. This could be your year to start a new business or revamp your current one. Any of those who are interested in philanthropy or working with a charity . . . this is your year.

    Looking at the visible planets this month, the viewing has switched from the evening sky to the predawn sky. Mars, Venus and now Jupiter, are all in the sky just before sunrise. Jupiter’s first rising in the evening sky will be November 9th. For an early-morning treat, we’ll see Jupiter getting very close to Venus in mid-November. The Moon will join Mars, Venus and Jupiter from November 14th – 16th. Yes, it will be worth setting an alarm for this grouping.

    Enjoy your autumn and I’ll see you again in Sagittarius!


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