Astrology During the sign of Cancer

    The Sun enters the sign of Cancer on June 20th at 2:44 p.m., Mountain Time. The sign of Cancer is a water sign and is associated with the Moon. Home is an important part of this sign and the world is truly experiencing that now with all the global quarantines. This sign relates to family, heritage, food, gardening and nurturing others. Love and compassion are easier to give when they’re really needed. This is a great time to try new recipes that can involve the entire family.

    Welcome to the Summer Solstice. The sign of Cancer always starts the official summer season. This will be quite a Solstice because there is an Eclipse of the Sun happening too. So, that is the New Moon joining the Sun and them both joining the North Node. When the Sun, Moon and Node join, there’s always an Eclipse. This one is significant because it occurs on the Summer Solstice. Eclipses usually bring change and it is easy to see all the changes that are happening in our world now.

    Eclipses occur two weeks apart from each other, which means that the Lunar Eclipse will happen soon. In fact, it lands exactly on the birthday of the US, which is July 4th. An Eclipse on your Sun is always a moment of drastic change. Could we be seeing a rebirth for the US?

    Last month brough us several retrogrades, including Mercury and Venus. These retrogrades are still in effect and are actually overlapping each other. They will both be retrograde between June 19th through June 24th. Mercury turns retrograde three times a year for three weeks each time. Venus, on the other hand, only turns retrograde every 1 ½ years and lasts for 6 weeks. It’s pretty rare to have them going backwards at the same time. Retrogrades are times to rethink, regroup and even reboot your life. The entire world has been rebooted and will emerge in a new way. In your personal life, what patterns do you want to change? Now is the time!

    Everyone is probably tired of hearing about the Capricorn Party. I probably should have named it the Capricorn Problem instead. It sure hasn’t been much of a party lately with all the virus news and quarantine. Actually, hibernation is a Capricorn word, so astrologers aren’t surprised. We’ve been studying this time for years and are just getting the details now.

    The slow planets in Capricorn now are Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter. On March 22nd Saturn entered Aquarius, hoping to give us a little reprieve from all the Capricorn. I didn’t feel very lifted. Now Saturn is retrograding back into its natural sign of Capricorn on July 2nd. This could be a push for patriotism being close to the Fourth of July.  Saturn won’t reenter Aquarius again until December 18th and will remain in that sign until March 7th, 2023. So, the news is: More Capricorn until the end of 2020.

    Another remarkably interesting astrological cycle will start when Mars enters his own sign of Aries on June 28th. Mars is strengthened when transiting through its own sign of Aries. Passions will flare. People will have a hard time containing their frustration and maybe even anger. Here’s the rest of the story. Mars will turn retrograde in Aries on September 9th and won’t turn direct until November 14th. Usually Mars goes through a sign in about 5 weeks. Mars will be in Aries, including the intense retrograde, for 6 months and one week, from June 28th – November 14th. This will be a rebirth time for us all. If Mars is the initiator and likes to do new things, being in its own sign of Aries will definitely bring the new.

    How can we use all this Mars energy? These are some good ideas: new exercise or workout routine; renovation or redecorating; upgrading equipment or technology. The most important use of this Mars energy is being totally authentic with yourself and others. Somehow, communication has gotten much more to the point with the pandemic. No one wants to have frivolous conversation. If you have something you want to say, you will say it now and with conviction. All of us are getting much stronger and this Mars retrograde will ensure it.

    Regarding the visible planets, they are all in the predawn sky now. Venus has emerged as the morning “star” and can be easily seen before sunrise in the east. In fact, you can see Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn all in the predawn sky this month. You are lucky if you are an early riser.

    See you all in the sign of Leo. Take care.


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