Chinese Astrology: Year of the Earth Pig 2019

    Welcome to the Chinese New Year! On February 4th, the Earth Pig will take over 2019, at least in Chinese astrology. It is said that a Pig year brings goodwill and prosperity and is one of the most beloved animals in their Zodiac. I have an Asian friend and called this the year of the Boar. She corrected me and said the Boar was too hard or mean of an image and she preferred to call it the Piggy and she always looks forward to a Piggy year. So Piggy it is.

    The Chinese New Year starts on a different date each year and yes, is astrologically based. The beginning of their New Year is at the sunset on the second New Moon after the Winter Solstice. This is based on the sunset in China.  Their system differs from western astrology but they do have some similarities. Both systems use 12 signs, but the Chinese call them animals. Where Chinese astrology is the most different is with the elements. Western astrology uses four elements: Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Chinese astrology uses five elements: Metal, Fire, Wood, Water and Earth.

    The Chinese have a 60-year system and here is how it works. Each year the sign changes but the element stays the same for two consecutive years. For example, last year was the Earth Dog and this year is the Earth Pig. Next year, 2020, will start a new element and animal combination and will be the Metal Rat. So 12 x 5 = 60 and then the cycle begins again. When a person is 60 years old, that year will be the same combination as when he or she was born.

    Let’s get to know this Boar or Piggy. It sounds like the Piggy is anything but boring; in fact, he is known to live life to the fullest or even to excess. The Piggy is considered to be the nice guy of all the animals. He’s honest, sincere, friendly and charitable. He wants everyone to get along with each other and creates harmony with his lenient and easy personality. He is very interested in bringing together communities through social work and tolerance for all types. Diplomacy is his strength.

    But as with all the animals, he does have weaknesses. The Piggy’s challenge revolves around overindulgence and not knowing when to stop. He lives life to the fullest and then a little more for good measure. Therefore, weight control is often an issue with this animal. Whims and distractions are also areas that need work. In addition, there is often a condescendence and arrogance with the Pig.

    Now let’s overlay the element of Earth and see how it influences this typically, flamboyant Piggy. Luckily the Earth element will bring a more peaceful, sensible and stable type of a Pig. Earth will make him more productive and steadier than the normally gullible Pig. This type of a Pig will be more likely to steer clear of problems and instead reach for harmony.

    The year of an Earth Pig is said to bring goodwill and is a great year for business and prosperity. People will feel more free and tolerant in a year with the relaxed attitude of the Earth Piggy. In fact, so free that lavish gifts and extravagance might be a trend. This year will find us entertaining much more and being involved with social events and fundraisers. Friends will be easier to make with the tolerant and expansive way of this fun-loving Piggy. Although prudence in financial matters is important.

    Overall, this seems to be one of the luckiest of all the animal and element combinations. So have big fun in 2019 while still striking a balance in your life. Get lots of rest and give back to the world. I’m sure the Earth Piggy will be very happy with that.


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