Keywords for the Signs of the Zodiac

    Astrology can be complicated and I want to make it as easy as possible for everyone. One way to make it more accessible is to make it concise, which is where the keywords come in. Each keyword can only belong to one sign. Beginnings belong to Aries and endings belong to Pisces. Perfectionism is part of Virgo while the big picture goes to Sagittarius. Each sign has a part to play and together, they become an entire system. So here are some keywords for each of the signs. Most of you know these already, but a refresher is always a good thing.



    Fire sign. Dynamic, fast, assertive, active, courageous,    spontaneous or aggressive, pushy and impatient.


    Earth sign. Calm, stable, reliable, luxurious, sensual, relaxed or stubborn, materialistic and resistant to change.



    Air sign. Intelligent, witty, talkative, social, quick, animated or nervous, chatty and gossipy.



    Water sign. Nurturing, sensitive, emotional, loving, caretaking, sentimental or vulnerable, moody and needy.


    Fire sign. Confident, entertaining, playful, grand, a leader or arrogant, demanding and flashy.



    Earth sign. Organized, precise, analytical, health-oriented, detailed or worrier, perfectionist and petty.



    Air sign. Balanced, refined, artistic, charming, romantic or indecisive, codependent and slick.



    Water sign. Focused, secretive, sexual, mysterious, psychic or jealous, revengeful and dark.



    Fire sign. Adventurous, international, idealistic, outspoken, open-minded or reckless, tactless and smug.



    Earth sign. Dependable, serious, accomplished, sophisticated, competent or pessimistic, cold and stiff.



    Air sign. Inventive, unconventional, radical, eccentric, genius or scattered, detached and anti-social.



    Water sign. Mystical, spiritual, soft, intuitive, visionary or spacey, addictions or lack of direction.


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