North Node in Gemini: Learning on Demand

    The Capricorn Party has been written about for months, even years, but there is another shift happening, and it doesn’t even involve a planet. The change is with the Nodes of the Moon. Remember the North and South Node? Why is this change so important that I’m writing an entire article on it?  To start . . .  what are the Moon’s Nodes?

    It’s easy to look at a planet, but much tougher with a point in the sky. To make this concept easier, I’ve drawn a diagram showing you what they are. All the planets move on their individual orbits. The Nodes are the points where the orbit of the Moon intersects the orbit of the Sun. The orbit of the Sun is called the Ecliptic. The point where the Moon crosses the Ecliptic into the northern latitude is the North Node, while the point where the Moon crosses the Ecliptic into the southern latitude is the South Node. This point precesses through the Zodiac and since precession goes backward, the Nodes are always moving in reverse through the astrology signs. One nodal cycle takes 18.6 years to complete, which means that the Nodes are in a sign for about one and a half years. The North Node is always in the opposite sign from the South Node.

    Another interesting thing about the Nodes is that they are involved with Eclipses. When the Sun and Moon join a Node on a New Moon, we have a Solar Eclipse. When the Sun and Moon join a Node on the Full Moon, we have a Lunar Eclipse. The ancient name for the North Node is the Dragon’s Head and the South Node is the Dragon’s Tail. This was their primitive model that saw a giant celestial dragon swallowing the Sun or the Moon during an Eclipse.

    The traditional interpretation of the Nodes is that the North Node is benefic, and the South Node is malefic. The North Node is said to be associated with Venus and Jupiter and the South Node is associated with Mars and Saturn. The North Node or the Dragon’s Head is the point of openness and new beginnings. The South Node or Dragon’s Tail is the point of elimination or endings. They both have karmic implications and teach deep lessons about life. The Nodes also connect with humanity and their cycles are felt by everyone.

    Now that we understand the Nodes better, let’s look at what they’re doing. Every year and a half they change into new signs and that is happening now. Since November 7th, 2018, the North Node has been in Cancer and the South Node has been in Capricorn. That has changed. On May 6th, 2020, the North Node entered Gemini and the South Node entered Sagittarius. The Nodes will be in those signs until January 19th, 2022. This is a new phase for the world and is happening during the pandemic of Covid-19, which has already changed things forever.

    The signs that the Nodes are moving through define the area of change. The last phase was Capricorn and Cancer. The South Node in Capricorn represented the status quo, government, corporations and business. Capricorn tries to maintain the same with a rigid hand. The South Node will ensure that business as usual will be changed forever. The North Node in the sign of Cancer is all about family, security, food, children and community. The vulnerable side of humanity is often seen through the sign of Cancer. The North Node always wins.

    We have had the infamous Capricorn Party for a couple of years now that has led to a global leaning toward authoritarian leadership. I named the South Node the Hero of the Capricorn Party. His job was to help end that cycle of control. The North Node in Cancer puts the future into the hands of the people.

    Now that the Nodes have left Cancer and Capricorn, they will enter Gemini and Sagittarius. The benefic North Node has barely entered Gemini and the change is already obvious. Gemini is the sign of thinking, learning, reading, curiosity, the mind and education. All the schools have been closed and children are quarantined inside their homes, all over the world. Taking online classes is the only way to go to school now.

    This is Learning on Demand.

    Education will be changed forever. In Tucson, the school districts are being forced to give low income students free tablets or laptops. Cox cable is giving free internet to these families during this time. How many kids on the south side of towns don’t have a computer and internet at home to take their online classes? Many, but maybe not now. This will bring equality to access of information like never before. Not only will the students be able to take their online classes, but entire neighborhoods are being introduced to the internet for the first time. This is truly revolutionary. Thank you, North Node in Gemini!

    Now let’s look at the malefic South Node in Sagittarius. If the North Node is ushering in a new style of education, the South Node is ending the old style. Sagittarius is associated with higher learning, college, religion, philosophy, publishing, newspapers and travel. Immigration and borders also fall into the domain of Sagittarius. Schools as well as universities are all shut down. It’s unclear how crowded classrooms are going to resume after this. Parents will likely be reluctant to spend $75,000 per year for Ivy League colleges that are online. Many new online Universities will be born as a result. Higher education will be completely reorganized and will never be the same. Zoom has replaced the meeting room and the classroom.

    Sagittarius is the best traveler of all the signs and with the South Node in Sag, the travel and hospitality industry have maybe taken the hardest hit. Many borders are closed because of Covid-19 and international flights have been stopped. Planes will have to be redesigned to accommodate social distancing, since the old model was to squeeze as many people as possible in as small of a space as possible. Will the new norm be business class for everyone? With less customers, due to social distancing, will the price of flights skyrocket?

    Sagittarius is maybe the best at playing of all the signs of the Zodiac. Festivals, concerts, conferences, sporting events, weddings, huge parties, rampant consumption, excess and debauchery all belong to Sagittarius. Will Burning Man take on a new form? What about the Olympics? Will malls close and Amazon take over?

    The next year and a half will bring changes in all these areas. If the North Node is beneficial and the future, then the Gemini part of this pair will thrive and grow. Learning on Demand will be the new style of education. Even though schools will reopen, no one can take away the expanded access to information that happened during the quarantine. Learning will be much easier for everyone after this, no matter which side of town you live in.

    If the South Node is challenging and the point of release of the old, then the Sagittarius part of the pair needs streamlining. The main areas of change will be: Higher education, hospitality, travel, publishing and philosophy.

    Both Gemini and Sagittarius deal with how the mind processes information and understands input. Everyone will be thinking differently because of this sign change of the Nodes. Already, maybe because of the pandemic, idle chatter is no longer in vogue. People have more important things on their minds and the conversations will be deeper as a result. Or maybe it’s the combination of the pandemic and the Nodes. One thing is for sure -- things are different and will never be the same ever again. Seeing this astrological interpretation of the Nodes means that somehow all these changes are supposed to happen and now.

    Astrology, once again, brings comfort and meaning in times of uncertainty.


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