Sacred Geometry in a Tattoo

    What is your astrology chart? It’s a picture of the planets in the sky at your moment of birth. The red and blue lines show the geometric pattern or mandala in the solar system between the planets. Every moment in time shows a different mandala, so every chart is unique.

    My fabulous clients take this seriously, in fact so much that, one of my favorite clients, Ximena, got a tattoo of her chart. She got her chart inked and her boyfriend, Luciano, got his chart tattooed on his arm at the same time. What a romantic and empowering thing to do! The interesting thing about their tattoos is that they left out the planets and degrees and just had their geometry drawn.

    Actually, they did it just right, because how the planets angle towards each other is the very most important part of the chart. If you are born on a New Moon, the energy is totally different than if you were born on a Full Moon.

    So what is Sacred Geometry? This is the definition, according to Wikipedia: Sacred Geometry ascribes symbolic and sacred meanings to certain geometric shapes and certain geometric proportions. It is associated with the belief that a god is the geometer of the world. The geometry used in the design and construction of religious structures such a churches, temples, mosques, religious monuments, altars, and tabernacles has sometimes been considered sacred. The concept applies also to sacred spaces such as sacred groves, village greens, holy wells and the creation of religious art.

    Even though Wikipedia didn’t mention Astrology or the solar system in the definition, it’s obvious that it also applies to the planets in your chart. I’ve color coded the angles or geometry and named them Red and Blue Lines. So to explain it more, the Red Lines are also called the “Hard angles” in the chart. The specific angles between the planets are 90 degrees for Squares, or the shorter Red Lines. The angle is 180 degrees for oppositions or the longer Red Lines that cut the chart in half. If all the Red Lines are connected, they will form a Grand Square in your chart.  That is either a big challenge in the person’s life or makes them a leader who can tackle challenges easily.

    All the Red Lines represent change, challenge and the stress in the solar system that can makes events occur. The Red Lines define the karma in the chart. These lines are not necessarily bad, but are the motivators that move things forward. It depends upon the individual as to how these angles are used. Some people use them to become stronger and for personal growth, even though it might not be easy. Others use the Red Lines to fuel their anger or repeated patterns in life. Personal free will rules astrology and not the planets. We are the ones in charge of our chart and our life.

    The Blue Lines or Trines are when the planets are 120 degrees apart from each other. They are called the “Soft angles”. When the planets are all connected, they will form a perfect triangle, or a Grand Trine. This is a harmonious angle and brings talent, gifts and defines destiny in the chart.

    Of course, there is a symbiotic relationship between the Red and Blue Lines. Ideally, the Red Lines show our areas that need attention and the Blue Lines show the way out. It’s best to minimize the time spent struggling with the Red Lines and maximize the time spent on accomplishing our destiny, or the Blue Lines.

    I can see why Ximena had her chart tattooed, because she has a big, dominant blue Grand Trine in her chart. Why not show her powerful chart? She will always be reminded of her life’s purpose with her Sacred Geometry tattoo. Good for you, Ximena. You are an incredible example to us all to be so proud of our chart that will always show it to the world. I love you for your passion about astrology.


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