Saturn in Capricorn: Time for New Rules

    The slow-moving, serious planet Saturn is entering the sign of Capricorn on December 21st. Each planet is associated with a sign and these two are a team. Since Saturn is the planet who is connected with Capricorn, it’s now twice as strong. It’s almost like having two Saturns, which is heavy energy even for me, Ms. Positivity. There’s more to this Capricorn story, which will take a couple of years to become exact and be seen in the world, as I will explain.

    Saturn has an orbit of about 30 years and is therefore in a sign for approximately 2 ½ years. The last time Saturn was in its own sign of Capricorn was from February 1988 through February 1991. Saturn is the planet connected with government, maintaining the status quo, business, big corporations, laws and regulations. The planets need a taskmaster and Saturn is their guy. Someone has to do the dirty work.

    Capricorn has a similar personality as Saturn and is quite on the stiff and conservative side. Think lawyers, CEOs and legislators. So when Saturn and Capricorn combine, it brings a time when everyone is dealing with a big restructuring in society. This happens every 30 years or so to hopefully get things straightened out. But this time is different from all the other transits of Saturn in Capricorn.

    We will all be hearing about this big astrological event that is slowly building up to a peak in the year of 2020. Astrologers have been studying this event for a while and now that Saturn is in Capricorn, I thought it was time to start writing about it. (I’m including the peak chart when the planets are closest with this article. For more clarity, I’ve taken out all the planets not involved.)

    What is the big event? A party of planets in Capricorn! Not just any old party, but an important one. This is a very rare situation with these powerful planets all in the business sign of Capricorn. Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 and heralded a phase of the powerful elite. The controversial Supreme Court decision on Citizens United, in 2009, is a fine example of Pluto in Capricorn.

    Saturn will enter Capricorn on December 21st, 2017. Jupiter will enter Capricorn on December 2nd, 2019. Mars enters Capricorn on February 16th, 2020. So that’s a total of four planets: Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars all in Capricorn. But there’s more . . .

    We don’t really need anything else with that Capricorn party, but we’ve got one more player -- the South Node. I don’t talk about the Nodes much, except in personal astrology readings, but now is the time to talk about them. What is a Node, astronomically?  A Node in an intersecting point and the Moon’s Nodes are two opposing points in space that form a plane in space. These points in space are where the orbit of the Moon intersects with the path of the Sun or the Ecliptic. The point where the Moon’s orbit crosses the Ecliptic into the northern latitude is called the North Node. The point where the Moon’s orbit crosses into the southern latitude is called the South Node.

    The Moon’s Nodes are famous because when one of the Nodes joins the Sun and Moon, there is an Eclipse. That’s what they are physically. Metaphysically they describe our past life themes. The North Node represents our destiny that we’re ready to accomplish and is the more positive of the two. The South Node describes our unfinished business that needs to be released. The South Node is also related to obsessions and addictions. The South Node is the most difficult part of any chart, because it really has the tough job of helping release deep patterns that don’t want to be released.

    Astrology combines all the personalities of the planets into one meaning. That is the art of interpretation and is the most difficult part of astrology. What really does this all mean? This is quite the powerful combination of planets. Let’s get to know them personally before we put them all together. Each planet has a job or duty as part of the planetary team. Each planet has a purpose. Venus is here to bring love to the world. Mars is here to bring action. Again, this current party is between Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and the South Node.

    Pluto is the planet of ultimate power and likes, no, demands to be in control. In Capricorn, Pluto can be ruthless, since Capricorn is not a warm, cozy sign, but a sign that makes deliberate choices, mostly for status and financial gains. Money is like air for the sign of Capricorn. They eat and breathe money.

    Saturn, since it’s the planet ruling Capricorn, has a need to restructure and make more rules. Of course, because of the rulership, Saturn is more intense in Capricorn. Then there’s big ole Jupiter, who stirs things up by making issues larger and more involved. Even though Jupiter is seen as a positive planet, he is great at agitating situations that lead to scandals.

    Mars, luckily, is a fast planet and will only be with the Capricorn party for a couple of volatile months from February until May 2020. Even though Mars moves quickly, he deals quite a punch. Mars typically acts as a trigger and pushes everyone into action or anger. He is often the catalyst that releases a much larger situation. Topping off this Capricorn party is the eager little troublemaker, the South Node. His hard and exciting job is to find out what isn’t working and get rid of it.

    Now let’s put all that info together to see what we’re can expect from now through 2020. It seems that this will be the peak of the corporate world wanting to be in charge. Big business, big pharm and big government will be big brother. We can already see the trend, but it will get more pronounced. It just has to get larger with all that Capricorn energy. But let’s not forget about the hero of the group . . . the illusive South Node. A tipping point will occur because of the sheer weight of all the Capricorn rules and regulations. The South Node will somehow miraculously do his job of releasing the old style of unnecessary and outdated rules that burden society.

    If Saturn makes the rules . . . the South Node breaks the rules!

    We will soon see lots of astrologers writing about this important phase coming up in 2020 and very little of it will be positive. But there is one very important thing to remember with this Capricorn phase. What is the sign that follows Capricorn? Aquarius . . . the Rebel! This Capricorn style will change into Aquarius and we are witnessing that transition now. One thing for sure is that we are all here living in one of the most exciting times in history. This transition will be a wild ride of extremes -- starting now.


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