My New Book: Susie's Secrets


    Today I’m announcing the launch of my 5th book, Susie’s Secrets: Decoding the Language of Astrology. This book is the culmination of my life’s work with astrology and I’m so excited to announce  that it is being published this week and will be available to you and your loved ones. It one does have quite a backstory that I would like to share with you. This book was written in 2008, it was going to be digital and very high tech and so I waited all this time for the technology to catch up so it could be published. Finally after 12 years I started rewriting it, took out all the fancy digital hooks, turned it into a workbook. So much better!

    So why did I wait 12 years until finishing it right at this moment in time? The world needs this book now to soothe our collective spirit. It was planned to be out in the world at the perfect astrological time, March 31st, 2020. Little did I or anyone realize that the nasty COVID-19 virus pandemic would be occurring now. Countries are on lockdown; the stock market is in a free fall, hand sanitizer is the hottest commodity and fear is rampant. Very, very few events affect the entire world. A terrible hurricane, as awful as it is, really is only local. We can all feel bad for natural disasters for Australia or Japan, but it doesn’t touch us like this pandemic has.

    This is not like Susie’s Sun Signs or Susie’s Love Signs. Both of those were written to focus on our Sun Signs. All that is good, but this book is different and much more important than any of my previous books. Why is that? Not only is it an interactive workbook with references in text but I’ve also drawn an image for each planet, sign, house and angle too so you can internalize all the pieces of your puzzle. Susie’s Secrets really does decode the ancient language of astrology.

    Many people are visual and learn better with images. I’m one of those visual people. In addition to images, each planet, sign, house and angle also have individual keywords explaining them. I’m also producing videos explaining this on my channel on YouTube.

    What is the most fun part of the book? You can go to my website, susiecox.com, and get your free birth chart. Once you have your chart, the book will show you how to interpret your own chart! It’s as easy as choosing your appropriate keywords and putting them together in a sentence. Susie’s Secrets really does decode the language of astrology.

    My chart has 3 red lines and 5 blue lines, so I only need to put together 8 sentences to interpret my entire chart. Many of you already have your own charts and know them well. Susie’s Secrets will empower you to be able to not only interpret your chart, but also the people you care about. You can get to know the workbook first and then use it on your friends through chat or social media. I foresee astrology parties in the future!

    This is a revolutionary astrology book. It’s the first book that helps you easily interpret your chart with simple pictures and keywords. I drew a picture that I named The Sky when I was 5 years old. That picture is now the cover of Susie’s Secrets. Little did I know when I was drawing that picture for my Great Aunt Katherine, that it would now be the cover on my most important astrology book! Little Susie would be very happy to have known that….I guess she did.


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