• What's Up for Your Sign during Aries


    Happy Birthday, Aries! This will be an incredible birthday month for you. The sign of Aries always announces the new season of spring. This year spring will start with a Full Moon! What a fabulous way to start your birthday month! You will feel like shining very brightly, just like the Full Moon! Have an epic birthday party this year!


    This is your month, dear Taurus. The slow-moving planet of change, Uranus, just entered Taurus and will be there until 2026! This is the very beginning of a new phase in your life. In preparation, let go of anything that is now holding you down. It is not needed anymore. Be bold with saying NO to waht doesn't make you happy now. Others might not like your new voice, but they might as well get used to it. The is the new you!


    This is your time to be even more brilliant than usual. Eager Mars will enter Gemini on March 31st and will remain there until May 15th. That book you’ve been working on will have this window in time to become real. All you need to do is focus and it will be done. You will be super energized and ready for your next literary phase.


    The North Node, or point of destiny, is now in your sign of Cancer. This is the time to handle any sticky family situations, because solutions will be easier to realize than in the past. The perfect days this month to have a family gathering to work things out will be April 11th – 13th. Have comfort food and create a cozy atmosphere.


    You know that the Leo in you always likes to look your best. If you have a few pounds to lose or want a new hairstyle, this is your month. Some positive planets are lining up to help you with your exercise regime or stepping up on your self-care. You know you want some pampering . . . maybe even a spa weekend. Be generous with yourself this month, dear Leo.


    During the first week in April you will feel a spurt of creativity. The other planets are supporting your Virgo Sun to use your imagination. This is not just about daydreaming but instead needs to produce something tangible. By the end of April, have a project you can actually show people. So this is putting creativity into action.


    The Full Moon will be in your sign of Libra this month and it’s a pretty special Full Moon. It happens exactly on the Spring Equinox, which is the first day of the astrological New Year. What a great way to start the New Year with celebrating you! Give yourself something extra-special!


    The last week in March is your magical time this month. Sometimes your Scorpio likes to dive deeply into your inner self. It’s like talking with your best friend. This will be one of those times that your wisdom will be easy to access and understand. You might want to keep a journal about this one . . . it might need to be put down in writing or it will disappear into the ethers as quickly as it appeared.


    The Sag in you likes to travel in your mind as well as in your body. The Moon will be in Sagittarius right next to your planet, Jupiter, the late part of March. If you are in the mood for a road trip, that is your time. Pick a destination that you have never experienced before. Be bold and a bit braver than normal. You have an adventure that’s all ready for the taking.


    Your sign of Capricorn dominates the sky now, since there are so many planets grouped there. With a party in your sign, the entire world feels pretty Capricorny now. You, being an authentic Capricorn, can take the lead with others not only now, but for the next year or so. This is your phase in life to grow into yourself. What are your best traits and how can they come to the light?


    Are you feeling impatient, Aquarius? Just ride with it because you are on the verge of an entirely new lifestyle. But it’s not quite time yet, which is why you are feeling a bit anxious. Use this energy instead to prepare for your next phase in life. This change will be a big one, so see this as your pre-production time. What is the most important thing you want to bring to the world?


    Mercury is almost finishing a retrograde that occurred in your sign. It started on March 6th and will be complete on March 27th. Retrogrades are the best times to rethink, release and regroup. Since Pisces rules the dream world, this might have been an emotional release instead of tossing clothes. You still have time to finish anything you want to let go of and it will be gone forever. Emotional house cleaning.      

  • Venus Retrograde Gone Wild

    Venus is all about love and beauty, right? Well, not all the time. Venus is going to the wild side now because of a combination of factors. This is so unusual, that it warranted an entire article to tell her story. So why is this retrograde so strange?

    The main reason this Venus retrograde is so powerful is where she is doing her backwards dance in the Zodiac. She happens to be triggering off a very revolutionary Grand Square between planets in the sky her entire retrograde. So we’ll have 3 months (September 4th – December 10th) for this collective transformation to occur. Astrology connects with each of our personal charts, but it also sets a theme for society. This alignment screams “Change for the Better . . . and Now!” There isn’t much patience in this configuration. It’s fierce and it seems, because of Venus, that women will be the catalyst.

     Approximately every 1 ½ years, Venus goes retrograde as she makes her revolution around the Sun. This one will be what I call a Hybrid Retrograde. Venus turned retrograde on October 6th at 10 degrees Scorpio and will turn direct on November 16th at 25 degrees Libra. Venus, Libra and Scorpio all deal with relationships. Venus has the idealistic view of romance and soulmates. Libra plays into that theme with the codependent style of that romantic sign. But Scorpio will bring intensity to the mix, with the focused storm connected with that passionate sign of mystery. With Scorpio being the sign of raw sex, secrets will be revealed that will rock even the most hardened of us. Venus retrograding in Scorpio is an example of the scorned woman who wants revenge. This is the time for women to speak their minds in their personal lives as well as on the world stage. Venus in Scorpio usually gets what it wants. Could it get any more exciting than just Scorpio? Oh yes.

    Looking at the big picture, Venus will be in those few degrees for a very long time, so she will bring to life all the other planets involved with her. Ok, who could make Venus wilder . . . Mars! Venus is the feminine principle while Mars is the male. For at least the beginning of this retrograde, Mars in unpredictable Aquarius will form an uneasy square to Venus in suspicious Scorpio. People could feel an awkward distance with each other. If it’s time to end, this will clear out any relationships that are no longer working for you. It doesn’t have to mean just your lover, but you could be replacing your doctor, accountant or handyman, too. Clean out the deadwood. Eliminate energy drains.

    Who is the Real wild man of the planets? It’s chaotic and radical Uranus in Aries, of course. This combo is like a feral wildcat on the loose. One of the main aspects during Venus’ wild retrograde is that she is making a strong opposition to Uranus. Actually, Venus has already started this messy opposition to Uranus. It started on September 4th and won’t end until December 10th.

    Yes, we have two more, very important points that are also part of this bizarre picture. The Venus opposition to Uranus will both square the North and South Nodes, which are called the karmic indicators in the chart. When they enter the geometric picture, it brings a situation that has been occurring for a very long time. The Nodes often involve society and not just individuals. So that means we have a karmic, red, Grand Square in the sky for over 3 months. That’s a very long time to have one challenging pattern dominate the solar system. (I’m attaching a picture of the chart with this article).

    So let’s put this all together. Revengeful retrograding Venus in Scorpio is square to both feverish Mars and the Karmic Nodes and is opposing the feral wildcat, Uranus. Does that sound volatile to you? It sure does to this little astrologer.

    What can we expect? Retrogrades are always the times to rethink, refocus and regroup. Venus relates to art, music, creativity, emotions, and yes, to love. If you are in the mood to change any of those areas in your life, now is the time to do it with enthusiasm. The Mars square will give you a need for immediacy. But since Uranus is such a slow-moving planet, these changes that you are going to make will have a long-term impact on your life.  Be deliberate and thorough with making these big changes. Turn over every stone to see what’s hiding. Clean out your closets, cedar chests and attics. Feng shui what is tucked away and bugging you. Resolve any issues you may have with your female ancestors.

    Women’s groups relating to changing society will become more verbal and visible. If you want to get involved with social change, now is the time. The mood is in the air. This window in time doesn’t happen often, so do it.

    We can all either hold on tight, buckle our seatbelts in fearful anticipation, or, we can take a bold step and use this momentous time and change our lives and the world. I call it reactive astrology vs proactive astrology. We can either, react to the craziness that is happening in the world now and make it worse, or we can use this intense energy for good. Change will result from this rare alignment, so set your intentions and watch them happen.

  • Astrology During Scorpio

    The Sun enters the sign of Scorpio on October 23rd at 4:24 a.m., Mountain Time. Scorpio is a water sign and is associated with the planet of intensity, Pluto. The sign of Scorpio is the most misunderstood of all the signs of the Zodiac. It’s also quite feared by most. The privacy of this sign is so important that communication is on a needed basis. This sign won’t be chatty . . . Ever. On their best days, they are quiet. Of course, that allows them to shine in their inner world, which is their domain. They need to focus on their projects, which usually doesn’t involve anyone else. Just leave them alone when they are not in the mood and they will be happy.

    This is an active month astrologically with a couple of juicy retrogrades to experience. Remember that all retrogrades are the best times to regroup, rethink and restructure old patterns that need to be updated. Mercury will be retrograde from November 17th through December 7th. Make sure you do your Holiday shopping and preparations very early this year. The normal busy holiday season will be even crazier with Mercury retrograde. Most of the retrograde is in Sagittarius, which might give people a wild need to escape. Spontaneous travel is highlighted. Be adventurous, even if it seems indulgent.

    Venus is the other planet that is doing a retrograde this month. She turns backwards from October 6th through November 16th. The retrograde of Mercury deals with mental decisions or logistics, while the Venus retrograde is more focused on matters of the heart. Even if it’s not about adjusting routines in a love relationship, it can be a time to redecorate your house or buy new art. Are you up for a new haircut with a more modern style? Maybe take this time to go through your wardrobe and give clothes away that you no longer love. Feng shui your bedroom. Change whatever looks out of place and you will feel free.

    The visible planets have been putting on a show for us every evening for months, which is all changing now. I hope you got a chance to see the planets, because some of them are now only going to be visible in the predawn sky, which is harder to see on a regular basis. With Venus turning retrograde, she has disappeared in the glow of the Sun, and will not be visible in the evening sky. For early risers, Venus will become the “Morning  Star” and will soon be visible above the eastern horizon just before dawn.

    Not only have we had Venus shining in the evening sky, but bright Jupiter has also been part of the show. If you have been noticing, Jupiter is in the western sky now and will also be gobbled up by the Sun, just like Venus. But there is one chance to see Jupiter before he disappears. On November 9th, the Moon and Mercury will both join Jupiter in the evening sky right above the sunset. The following month when the Moon will be there, Jupiter will be gone. So now is the time. Make a little party of the evening. Jupiter loves a party – especially when it’s for him!

    The other two visible planets, Mars and Saturn, will still be visible in the evening sky for a while. During July and August, Mars was so bright and so very red, because it was closest to the Earth. Now, Mars is still fairly bright, but not as red as before. Mars will be getting dimmer as he gets farther from the Earth. But at least there are two visible planets in the evening sky.

    See you next month in Sagittarius!

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