• What's Up for Your Sign During Scorpio?


    Happy Birthday, Scorpio! This birthday will mark the beginning of a record year for you. Since Jupiter, the Santa Claus of the Zodiac, just entered your sign, this is your year to get what you want. Live your dreams!


    Many of the planets are forming a beautiful triangle in fire signs this month. You, Sag, are a fire sign and will benefit from the positive connection with the big picture. Wrap up the old now so it will be easier to start fresh.


    Venus is in a positive angle with your Capricorn Sun this month and will bring a bit of softness to your usual pragmatic self. Trust your intuition and listen to your heart. Can you be more vulnerable? Now is the time.


    Venus, the planet of love and Mars, the action guy are both in a positive alignment with your Aquarius Sun this entire month. Your social and friendly side will be so visible that you could easily meet new friends. Maybe even romance>


    Late October and early November are times of opportunity for you, Pisces. The planet Jupiter is in a positive angle with your Pisces Sun and will likely bring abundance. Be open and expect blessings.


    Both Venus, the planet of love and Mars, the planet of passion, are in your opposite sign of Libra. They will shine on you this entire month. If you are in the mood for a romance, this is the perfect time to attract love.


    This month the Full Moon will be in Taurus and it will happen on November 3rd. This would be a great time to pamper yourself with a spa day or a short trip. If you need some indulgence, this is the weekend.


    The pairing of planets now are Venus and Mars. They are both in a positive alignment with your Gemini Sun this month. Opportunities will come your way from out of seemingly nowhere. Keep your vibration high and you will find a new direction.


    You are a water sign, dear Cancer. Right now, there are a lot of other planets also in water signs that are supporting your Sun. You will be receiving emotional support from many people. You will also be drawn to reach out and send lots of love.


    This is a very powerful month for you, Leo! Surprise events will occur that demand you take a leadership role and you will be successful. This will be cleaning up an old situation that needed to be resolved.


    As a Virgo, you usually plan and analyze everything you do to make sure it’s as perfect as you can make it. This month you will likely lean towards sensing your feelings. Hey, you might even trust your intuition.


    Venus, the planet of beauty, will be in your sign of Libra until November 7th. This is your time to give yourself a lavish treat. Indulge yourself with guiltless pleasure. You are a Libra . . . you love to pamper yourself.

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