• What's Up for Your Sign During Capricorn?


    Happy Birthday, Capricorn! Saturn is in your sign of Capricorn now, which will make this birthday month even more powerful for you. This is the year to remake yourself. Create the life of your dreams this year. You can do it!


    Venus will be in your sign of Aquarius from January 17th – February 11th. Venus relates to love and beauty, so plan for a spa vacation or at least a massage, during that time. You are attracting luxury now.


    The Moon will be in Pisces on Christmas Day and will bring a warm holiday for you. Be open with your emotions, give lots of hugs and tell people how much you love them.


    The very end of this year will be your power time this month. You will feel energized and will want your Aries energy to be free and have fun. Plan to do something different for this holiday season. Yes, you can get a little wild!


    The week between Christmas and New Year’s Day is your time this month. There is a party of planets in Capricorn now that are harmonizing with your Taurus Sun. With all those planets in earth signs, you might want to spend some time in nature during that week.


    The Moon will be in Gemini for New Year’s Eve this year! Be with friends who want to talk and have fun. Light-hearted entertainment, laughing and dancing would be great.


    The Moon will be in your sign of homey Cancer on New Year’s Day. You will be in the mood to stay home with family and friends. Comfort food, staying warm and being cozy will be your perfect day.


    Early January is your power time this next month. You will be starting the New Year off with a strong beginning. Let people know you are in charge. This is the time to start a new project to ensure success!


    Your year will start off in a great way if you focus January 4th – 6th. Do an agenda for the year of 2018. Plan the timing for your holidays, your new projects and relax time, too. Let your Virgo organize your year ahead of time.


    You are almost always the friendly Libra, but you will need some privacy from January 7th – 9th. Have definitely boundaries during that time. Now is your time and find your strong voice to tell everyone what you want.


    Mars and Jupiter are both in your sign of Scorpio now. This entire month is good for looking at your finances and organizing your year for business. On January 8th and 9th, the Moon will join both Mars and Jupiter in the predawn sky. Worth getting up to see them!


    Mercury will be retrograding in Sagittarius and won’t turn direct until December 22nd.  Now and these last few weeks were great times to rethink your belief systems. Let go of old patterns and you will feel free!

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