• Preview of 2019 or Capricorn, Capricorn, Capricorn

    We have the New Year of 2019 upon us and this is a good time to take an astrological peak at what’s coming up for us all. The main astrological trend now is an important grouping of planets in Capricorn that will be there into 2020. At the peak of this Capricorn era, there will be five planets in that sign. That’s fully half of the Solar System in one place. No, that doesn’t happen often, but it does occur. So why is this one so important? It is made up of the slowest planets and therefore is rare and lasts a long time. Right now the intense Pluto, serious Saturn and the karmic South Node are all in the taskmaster sign of Capricorn. Ok, none of that sounds like very much fun to me. It looks like we’re in for some challenges, collectively. I call myself Ms. Positivity, but my Word of the Year for 2019 is Heavy.

    Let’s face it; we’ll all be acting like Capricorns if half of the planets are in that sign. There will be an overwhelming air of serious and business energy in the world. Of course, as with all signs, there are both positive and negative parts of the sign. With such a big party in Capricorn, I want to be candid about all sides of this stern sign.

    I’ve named Capricorn the Executive of the Zodiac because they just innately know how to get things done and done right. Saturn is their planet and my nickname for Saturn is Mr. Responsibility. This sign naturally exudes confidence, determination, organization, discipline and therefore, results. Everything with Capricorn is about what they accomplish, their success and status. This makes them natural managers and business professionals. They are typically sophisticated and enjoy luxury, even if it’s a rustic ranch in the country. Capricorn is the authority figure of all the 12 signs of the Zodiac and needs to be in charge.

    Even though these are admirable traits, their extremes can verge on being a tyrant. Unevolved Capricorn can be rigid, self-righteous, ultra-conservative, controlling, pessimistic and cold. It’s like the mean landlord who only cares about the bottom line of money and not his tenants. Money is God for the low side of Capricorn.

    Now let’s get to know the planets that are transiting through this strong sign. At the peak of this Capricorn era, these are the planets who will be in Capricorn: Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and the South Node. Mars will join them all from February – April 2020 to give them a kicker.

    Pluto is the slowest planet and will be in Capricorn the longest (2008 – 2024). Pluto is all about rebirth and transformation, so this is the time the structure of corporate business, government and everything that Capricorn represesnts will be changed. Saturn rules Capricorn and will bring an extra layer of heaviness from December 2017 – December 2020. It will be like having two Saturns, when one is surely enough. Jupiter is the other planet who will join this Capricorn party . . . or rather a meeting,  and will be in Capricorn from December 2019 – December 2020.  Saturn doesn’t know how to party very well and prefers work. The presence of Jupiter will make all this driven energy much, much bigger. Excess is one of the challenges of Jupiter and that will be easily seen this phase.

    Now let’s add the not-very fun South Node. He’s the Karmic point of release from the past. The North Node represents new beginnings and destiny, while the South Node is about letting go of what is obsolete and no longer necessary. I’ve named the South Node the Hero of this Capricorn grouping, since its purpose is to let go of the old.

    Putting all this together, 2019 will be a transition year leading to the culmination of the Capricorn grouping, which will happen early 2020. Since Capricorn is associated with corporations, the elite, big business, conservative thought, authority and capitalism . . . 2019 will be the record peak year for the old to prevail. The year will seem dense, heavy and driven. But remember, we all have access to this strong, accomplished focus of Capricorn and not just the authority figures.

    I know this might all sound pretty intense, which it is, but the planets are luckily always moving forward into new signs. What is the sign after capitalistic Capricorn? The Rebel, Aquarius! In March 2020, both Saturn and Mars enter Aquarius right around the Spring Equinox. That will mark the beginning of an era of Aquarius that will be with us for many years. Pluto enters Aquarius in 2023 and doesn’t leave until 2043! So 2019 is the beginning of the end for Capricorn. I think this phase shows the early labor pains of the birth of the Aquarian Age.


    Here are the most important celestial events happening in 2019:

    • The year of 2019 starts off with a bang when Mars enters its own sign of Aries on December 31st, 2018 and will remain there until February 15th. That could make for some wild festivities on New Year’s Eve and will definitely begin the year with a powerful need for moving forward. Mars in Aries is the profile of the hero or the bully. Both will be seen easily with this transit.
    • Uranus will enter Taurus on March 8th, 2019 and will remain there until April 2026. Many will experience sudden changes this year. It might be the time to move, have a new career or new lifestyle with this transit. We will see revolutionary changes with money. Change is the keyword for Uranus.
    • Jupiter will enter Capricorn in December 2019 and will remain there until December 2020. Jupiter will join the grouping of slow planets, bringing a crescendo to the Capricorn phase.
    • Uranus trine Jupiter and the South Node. When the planet of change, Uranus, enters Taurus, it will be have a positive, blue line to both Jupiter and the South Node in Capricorn. Both Taurus and Capricorn are earth signs and are very supportive and compatible with each other. This positive angle happens from December 2019 until May 2020 and will bring a cooperative collaboration between many groups that have previously not gotten along. This will end the year of 2019 on a very positive note.

    Mercury Retrogrades

    Retrogrades are the best time to rethink, release and regroup. The sign Mercury is retrograding in determines the area of letting go. These are great times for serious house cleanings and Feng Shui.

    1. March 5th – March 27th. This retrograde will be in dreamy Pisces. This would be a good time to look at your art and beauty. Maybe paint that wall a colorful color. Organize your clothes closet. Stay grounded.
    2. July 7th – August 1st. This retrograde is what I call a hybrid and starts in Leo and ends up in the sign of Cancer. Change around your living room or family room, ending up in the kitchen. Make plans for a family reunion for early to mid-August.
    3. October 31st – November 21st. This retrograde is solidly in intense Scorpio. Focus on doing changes in your bedroom. Do you need a new comforter or pillows? Or maybe reorganize your finances.


    There are two eclipse seasons each year with a Solar and Lunar Eclipse two weeks apart each time, which creates four yearly eclipses. This is a special year because we will have five eclipses this year. Why is that . . . because the very first eclipse will land early in the year on January 5th. The very last eclipse will land at the end of the year on December 26th, so one more eclipse got squeezed into 2019. It doesn’t mean anything except how the eclipse seasons synched up with our yearly calendar. 

    1. Partial Solar Eclipse at 15 Capricorn on January 5th
    2. Total Lunar Eclipse at 0 Leo on January 21st.
    3. Total Solar Eclipse at 10 Cancer on July 2nd
    4. Partial Lunar Eclipse at 24 Capricorn on July 16 - 17

    There is a change happening now with our Eclipses. First, the definition of an Eclipse is when the Sun and Moon line up with the Nodes, which are intersecting points and determine the location of an Eclipse. A Lunar Eclipse happens during the Full Moon and a Solar Eclipse can only occur during a New Moon. But both of them need the Nodes there to create an Eclipse. So what is different now? The Nodes have an orbit, just like the planets do. Their orbit is 18.6 years and transits a person’s chart with that orbit or interval. So therefore, the Nodes stay in a sign for about 1 ½ years. On November 7, 2018, the North Node entered Cancer and the corresponding South Node entered Capricorn. They are always the same degree in opposite signs.

    The Eclipses will now be mostly occurring in Cancer and Capricorn until May 2020. (The last Eclipse in Leo will be the Total Lunar Eclipse on January 21st). If the North Node is destiny and it is in the sign of Cancer, it means that community and  people connecting will become more important. If the South Node is releasing the old and it is in Capricorn, it means that corporations and the mean landlord won’t be as important. That’s why I’ve named the South Node the Hero, because he offers a perfect release point for all the end of this Capricorn phase.

    This is a momentous time in history and it is all that astrologers are talking about or researching now. You will undoubtedly be reading other articles about this rare alignment. This is a universal phase that the entire world will experience. Personally, we can use this time to weed out the old in our lives in preparation for a new beginning.


    Chinese Year of the Earth Pig

    Each year the Chinese New Year starts on a different date. The very beginning of their New Year is at sunset on the second New Moon after the Winter Solstice. This is based on the sunset in China. This year that magic date is February 4th. Just like western astrology, the Chinese Zodiac also has 12 signs or they call them animals. Where Chinese astrology differs from western astrology is with the elements. Western astrology has only four elements compared to Chinese astrology that uses five elements. The western elements are fire, earth, air and water. The Chinese elements are metal, fire, wood, water and earth.

    The Chinese astrology system differs from western astrology with their 60-year system. Here is how it works: Each year the sign changes but the element stays the same for two consecutive years. For example, last year was the Earth Dog and this year is the Earth Pig. Next year, 2020, will start a new element and animal and will be the Metal Rat. So 12 x 5 = 60 and then the cycle begins again.

    The Pig or the Boar is considered the nice guy of the animals. He’s friendly, honest, sincere and charitable. He wants everyone to get along with each other and fosters harmony through his leniency and easy ways. The Pig is usually a good fund raiser because of his love of social work and bringing communities together. He is very tolerant and can identify with many types of people. Diplomacy is his strength.

    But the Pig does have weaknesses which revolve around excesses and overindulgence. They live life to the fullest and then a little more for good measure. Weight control is often an issue with this animal. Whims and distractions are also areas that need work. There is often a condescendence and arrogance with the Pig.

    That explains the basic Pig personality and we can overlay that with the element of earth. This element will bring a more peaceful, sensible and stable type of a Pig. The earth element makes him more productive and perseverant than a normally gullible Pig. This type steers clear of problems and instead reaches for harmony.

    The year of an Earth Pig is said to bring goodwill to all. It is a great year for business and prosperity. People will feel more free and tolerant in a year with the relaxed attitude of the Pig. In fact, so free that lavish gifts and extravagance might be part of the norm. This year will find us entertaining much more and being involved with social events. Fundraising is favored this year. Friends will be easier to make with the tolerant and expansive way of this fun-loving Earth Pig. Prudence in financial matters is important. But it looks like this year will bring some wonderful gatherings and parties.


    Visible Planets

    Even though there will be five Eclipses this year, not one of them will be visible in the US. So no Eclipse parties easily this year, folks, at least in the US. Also, planetary viewing favors early risers, since many of the planets will only be visible in the predawn sky. Jupiter, Saturn and Venus will all be in visible in the morning sky until June or so when they start emerging in the evening sky. They will remain in the evening sky until the end of the year when they will all get lost in the glow of the Sun, only to return to the morning sky again. Ahh, I love that forever cycle of planets.

    • Venus will be the “Morning Star” from now until July 8th. The she will emerge as the “Evening Star” from September through the end of the year.
    • Mars will be the only visible planet in the evening sky, where he can be seen until July18th. Mars can be seen in the morning sky from October 17 through the end of the year.
    • Jupiter will be in the morning sky with Venus and Saturn from now until June 10th, when he will emerge in the evening sky and remain there until December 15th.
    • Saturn is in the morning sky from now until July 9th when he will emerge in the evening sky and remain there until December 27th.



    Even though this year will be dominated by the stern Capricorn, it seems like it will be balance out nicely with Chinese astrology. The lenient and easy-going Earth Pig might be the saving grace to offer some kindness and joy to the serious Capricorn goat. It seems that there is a warning of overindulgence and debauchery. Hey, a little might be necessary to mellow out all that Capricorn, but balance is the keyword here. If we can all focus that Capricorn energy on kindness and charity, the year will indeed be favorable.

    A hearty welcome to 2019!

  • Astrology During Capricorn

    The Sun enters the sign of Capricorn on December 21st at 3:24 p.m., Mountain Time. Capricorn is an earthy earth sign and is associated with the taskmaster, Saturn. I’ve named Capricorn the Executive of the Zodiac. If you want a big project done, and on time, ask a Capricorn. Their planet Saturn is Mr. Responsibility and his work ethic transfers to Capricorn very naturally.

    The first day of Capricorn always marks the Winter Solstice. So December 21st will officially be the first day of the new season of winter. For those who live in the Northern Hemisphere, this will be the shortest day of the year and the longest night. It is opposite for our friends who live in the Southern Hemisphere. So we now have three month until spring starts. Ahh, I love this yearly cycle that is always dependable.

    Many celebrate this time as the darkness before the light returns. The Sun actually stands still for a few days on the Solstice, almost seeding the dark. Even though this is the greatest time of darkness, it is also the time of the greatest hope with the knowing that the Sun and the light will return. This pause has given humanity the opportunity to delve into the depths of our collective soul. Take some time for you to reflect on this last year.

    The ancients recognized the Winter Solstice as the end and beginning of the year. Hope and patience are part of this season. Since this is a collective human experience, we could all imagine this time as the ending of a cycle, with the promise of new – just like the sunrise. If this season is about honoring the light to come, then this Winter Solstice is a special one because the Full Moon occurs the very next day on December 22nd.  This would be a good year to be involved with Winter Solstice celebrations or meditation to project a collective spirit of light to the world.

    New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day will have a Moon in private Scorpio. Don’t feel bad if you aren’t in the mood for wild parties. This might be a more introspective ending and beginning of a New Year. Even though the year ends with quiet Scorpio, the beginning of 2019 begins with a bang. Mars enters his own sign of Aries, on December 31st. When the year starts with such dynamic, forward-moving energy, it just has to set a theme for the year. Be physical on the first day of the year by taking a hike or starting an exercise plan.

    The other dramatic beginning to 2019 will be a Solar Eclipse on January 5th in Capricorn. The corresponding Lunar Eclipse will occur two weeks later on January 20th. An Eclipse season is always a good time to make a change in your life and these Eclipses are strong since so many planets are involved. Make changes now!

    The visible planets are moving to the morning sky, so Mars is the only planet easily visible in the evening sky now. Saturn is pretty much lost to the glow of the Sun. But what a treat this is for early risers. If you wake up about ½ hour before sunrise, you will see Venus and Jupiter just peeping over the horizon now. Start the year out right with looking at them. On January 1st – 4th, the Moon will be joining them above the eastern predawn sky. What a great way to start the New Year of 2019!

    Enjoy your holidays and see you next month for the Aquarius.

  • Astrology During Capricorn

    The Sun enters the sign of Capricorn on December 21st at 9:30 a.m., Mountain Time. Capricorn is an earth sign and is associated with the disciplinarian of the Zodiac, Saturn.  Capricorn is the executive of all the signs. If you want to get something accomplished, give it to a driven Capricorn. Attention to details, timelines and setting agendas all comes naturally to the organized Capricorn. It’s not surprising that obvious Cap careers are lawyers, CEOs and ambitious entrepreneurs. 

    The year of 2018 starts off with the Full Moon in Cancer happening on January 1st. It’s not just an ordinary one, but it’s a Super Moon too. This year is starting out with a lot of energy, right on the first day. The sign of Cancer is perfect for a homey day with comfort food, friends and family. Cozy is the word of the day.

    Welcome to the Winter Solstice! When the Sun enters the sign of Capricorn each year, it also marks the beginning of a new season. Astronomically, the Winter Solstice is when the Sun, along the Ecliptic, is the greatest distance north of the equator. Remember the tropic of Cancer and Capricorn on the world globe? The Sun is now at the tropic of Capricorn. Bring out your childhood globe and take a look?

    What does the Winter Solstice mean astrologically? It is the time of the year that the light comes back. The Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year and the longest night (in the northern hemisphere). After that date, December 21st, the days will get longer until the peak of light on the Summer Solstice. There are celebrations happening all over the world honoring the return of the light. I think the Equinox and Solstice are great times to set intentions for the next season. These are ripe times for a sweet ritual. Light a candle and say a prayer.

    This Capricorn time is quite strong now because Saturn just entered its own sign of Capricorn a few days ago on December 19th. It’s so important that I wrote an entire article about not only Saturn, but a big party of planets lining up in Capricorn in 2020. I’m leaving that article again this month, because it’s that important of a phase we are entering. This is a time of serious focus on what is important. No one will feel blasé or indifferent. Passion and intensity are better adjectives for this time. What do you want to focus on to accomplish?

    Mercury has been retrograde since December 3rd and is turning into direct motion on December 22nd. Whatever sign Mercury turns backward in is the area of life to release. The three retrogrades are the times of the year of letting go. This time Mercury went backwards in the sign of Sagittarius. This fire sign is a high-level thinker and ponders philosophy and the higher mind. Sag is the sign of beliefs. This is a perfect set up for a paradigm shift. What shift would you like to occur in your beliefs? Now is the time to think about that.

    On New Year’s Eve the Moon will be in the sign of Gemini. This year take some time to have good conversations with your best friends and family. Engage in talks, stories and memories with others. Have fun and have a child-like wonder for life. For a strong contrast, the Moon enters the homey sign of Cancer right after the midnight festivities. Make January 1st a cozy day with the luscious smell of comfort food in the air. Watch the parade and games and stay in your jammies.

    There is an unusual grouping of planets in mid-January. There will be five planets in the sign of Capricorn from January 14th – 16th. This will be a major New Moon in Capricorn with all the other planets involved. We will have the Sun, Venus, Pluto, Mercury, Saturn and the Moon all in one sign of Capricorn. That’s pretty rare, folks. We will all feel like doing business and being serious, no matter what we’re focusing on. Make plans for business meetings on those business days.

    For the visible planets, we’re in for a treat this next month, but for you early risers only. There aren’t any visible planets in the evening sky now to speak of. The Capricorn party of planets is happening in the predawn sky and is quite a show. In the first week of January, we will see Mars and Jupiter join exactly. We can also see Mercury and Saturn in the predawn sky too.  You will need a clear sky and maybe binoculars will help with the dim Mercury and Saturn. This is a pretty rare lineup, so it will be worth getting up early.

    Have a wonderful holiday season and see you next year! Wow, is it 2018 already?

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