• Jupiter: A Year of Intrigue

    Once every twelve years, the big guy Jupiter moves through the intense sign of Scorpio, and that cycle is upon us again. Jupiter will enter Scorpio on October 11th and will remain there until November 9, 2018. Both Jupiter and Scorpio have big personalities and are prone to excess and extremism, so it’s going to be a wild ride. This dynamic duo deserves an article focusing on what they will likely bring to the world. Every combination has a positive as well as a challenging side, so let’s look at both.

    To start, what is Jupiter all about? This is the largest planet of the Zodiac and orbits between red Mars and the ringed-planet of Saturn. Jupiter is associated with the fun-loving sign of Sagittarius. Jupiter typically brings good fortune, achievement and success. Money is easily attracted to Jupiter, who has been lovingly nicknamed, the Santa Claus of the Zodiac. Generosity relates to this planet and he is often involved with philanthropy.

    Expansion is another strong theme for this eager planet. The expansion can be around money, but it also encompasses other styles of growth. Searching for the meaning in life is a quest of this adventurous planet. One of Jupiter’s main interests is the love of travel and international experiences. It also has a keen desire of philosophy and higher learning in general. Religious beliefs are also part of Jupiter.

    Hey, does the big guy sounds like your favorite rich uncle? If you remember your uncle, Thanksgiving dinners were always a bit out of control with him there. Remember how he got drunk and caused quite a raucous? Well, Jupiter has that side to him too. The challenging side of this big planet is a bit hard to take. Jupiter can also exhibit: excess, arrogance, big egos, exaggeration, breach of ethics or morals, and “wanting to own everything”. Now let’s add on Scorpio to the mix.

    What are the basics of this sign? Scorpio is a water sign and the most intense of them all. The water of the sign of Cancer is like a babbling brook and Pisces is the mist or fog. Scorpio is the water at the bottom of the ocean where there is no light, with strange creatures that can only see in the dark. If water represents emotions, it runs extremely deep with this sign. Scorpio is also what they call a Fixed sign, which is resistant to change. Oh yes, Scorpio is also associated with the god of the underworld, Pluto. Scorpio is the only sign to have more than one animal. The scorpion comes out with the jealous and revengeful side. A higher version of Scorpio is the serpent. Luckily, the highest and masterful essence of Scorpio is the eagle or the Phoenix bird.

    Scorpio is the most misunderstood of all the signs of the Zodiac. Why? Because they are terrible communicators. Their thoughts are so deep that they don’t think anyone will get them, so they don’t even try and therefore stay quiet most of the time. Scorpio rules sex, death and taxes. I know, all the fun stuff goes to Scorpio. A positive style of Scorpio is the strategist, the General, private investigator, research and transformation. Their planet Pluto has a death and rebirth pattern. Deep issues can be released through the passion of this sign. Consequently, Psychotherapy and plastic surgery are results of this need for makeovers and renovation.

    That was the positive side of Scorpio? Even their positive isn’t cheery. Now let’s look at the challenging side of this provocative sign. Secrets, spies and intrigue belongs to Scorpio. Dramatically emotional, Scorpio’s personality is often moody, private, and brooding.  Jealousy, obsession and revenge are Scorpio traits. Hey, you just can’t sugar coat this sign, no matter how hard you try.

    Remember Jupiter. . .  now let’s see how he’ll behave in Scorpio. As you can tell, both Jupiter and Scorpio have powerful and big personalities. Jupiter will exaggerate the traits of Scorpio. Neither of them really understand moderation, so that will be a trick for this coming year for all of us. It’s important to realize that this isn’t some outside energy, person or rule that will control the you. This personality will be in us all, just a little. These are some likely themes for this next Jupiter in Scorpio phase:

    • Define your mission and embrace it with gusto. This powerful energy could help you accomplish your deepest desires.
    • Focus on your business and finances. Are you ready to expand? If so, do it with a good plan and not out of impulse.
    • Curb your overindulgence and encourage moderation.
    • If Jupiter is excess and Scorpio is a water sign, we will see issues with water. I’m writing this after Hurricane Harvey devastated Texas. It was hard to watch and there could be more problems with excess water.
    • Greed or charity. Both qualities will be prominent this year.
    • Sex and reproductive matters.
    • New International business agreements and partnerships.

    This phase of grand Jupiter passing through the passionate sign of Scorpio will be powerful and maybe not so easy. It absolutely calls to each of us to become our optimum self. The highest image of this is a masterful and generous energy that empowers us all to become the very best version of ourselves. Personal growth is inevitable and will be profound. And, yes it will happen, even if you’re not going to seminar to develop your higher self. 

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