What's Up for your Sign?


    Happy Birthday, dear Aquarius. This will be an outstanding birthday month for you. Mercury, the planet of intelligence and communication, is traveling with your Sun the entire month. You are usually brilliant, but this will bring your brilliance to a higher level. This is a perfect time to get caught up on correspondence, or to upgrade your technology.


    Your planet, dreamy Neptune, is in your sign of Pisces now and will remain there for another six years. This is your phase in life to deeply figure out who you are inside. Focus on meditation, breathing and creativity. Be kind to yourself. Your power dates this month are in the first week of February and would be the best time to take a retreat, be quiet and listen to your wise intuition.


    How lucky are you now, Aries! Your planet, Mars, is traveling through Aries now and will be there until February 15th. Aries is the warrior of the Zodiac and you have definitely been feeling the high energy of Mars lately. This is your time to be as strong as you can possibly manage. Other people might be intimidated by you right now and that’s ok. There is no way you can hold in your light, even if they don’t like it. Shine brightly, Aries!


    Get ready, Taurus, you are going to have  a once-in-a-lifetime visit from the planet of surprises, the infamous Uranus. This planet, the Rebel of the Zodiac, enters Taurus on March 6th and will remain there until 2025. The Taurus in you likes a calm stable life . . . well, that's about to change. This is the time to wrap up your old life in preparation for a completely new life. If you want to sell everything and move to paradise, now is your time.


    Gemini is the smarty pants of the Zodiac and you are even getting smarter. Jupiter is aligning with your Gemini now and is stimulating your creative mind. This entire month is good for communication but see if you can use it for more than normal emails. Jupiter is associated with business, expansion, marketing and publishing. Can you really write that book inside of you? The answer is Yes!


    You are in a strong time of personal growth in your life now. An important point in astrology, called the North Node, is in Cancer until mid-2020. This Node is the point of destiny in astrology and is only in your sign once every 19 years. This is your phase to define your perfect lifestyle and know that you can live it. Things will be much easier to get accomplished now.


    The Full Moon will be in Leo this month. But true to Leo, this is not just a regular Full Moon and is instead a Super Moon. It gets even better that that because this Full Moon is an Eclipse in Leo. Its name is: a Super Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo. How grand for you! Leos are always the center of attention and this Super Moon will propel you into the public eye. What do you want to show everyone?


    There is a party of planets in Capricorn that is supporting your Sun in Virgo. The end of January is the best time this month to look at your finances or business in a new way. Archive 2018 and organize your files for 2019. While all this disciplined energy is around you . . . make your plans for this coming year. Virgo, the Perfectionist, always likes a timeline.


    The end of January will likely bring a settlement with an unfinished situation that has triggered off deep emotions. This is all teaching you how to stand up and speak your mind with others, even though they seem stronger or have more authority. It’s all a test for you and when you pass it, you will feel more powerful than you have since it all began. When you feel relieved -- you will be free.


    With the party of Capricorn planets moving through your house of money, now is the time for you to regroup your finances. Scorpio is the strategist of the Zodiac and enjoys looking at investments and playing the mogul. If you aren’t happy with your lifestyle, make some decisions and redirect your focus. After all, you are a Scorpio and can do anything you want . . . and when you want it.


    You are always lucky, since you are a Sagittarius, but now is an extra lucky time for you. Jupiter, who is your planet, is now joined by beautiful Venus and are both in Sag and will exactly meet on January 23rd. Expand your horizons and reach out to the world to let it know your intentions. This is a very rare alignment in Sagittarius, so have the confidence to live your dreams. At least have a big, wild party!


    Capricorn is the sign that all astrologers are talking about now and will be for quite a while. Most of the slow planets are forming a big grouping or party in Capricorn that will dominate astrology until mid-2020. This alignment will never happen again like this and it is the time for all Capricorns to come into their own power. Many of you will be changing your lives drastically coming up soon. Give yourself to permission to let go of the past and start anew. If not now . . . when?


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