What's up for your sign during Cancer?



    Happy Birthday, dear Cancer. You are in for a powerful birthday because the Sun enters your sign on June 20th and it’s the New Moon on June 21st. This is the best time to set intentions for your birthday month. You are focused on your home and family now, as it should be.


    This is the month to celebrate your grand Leo personality. Are you in the mood to get dressed up and have a photo taken? Your sign is one of the best in front of an audience as well as the camera. Show the world how brightly you shine.


    During the last few days of June, your Virgo will be aligned nicely with the Capricorn group of planets. Make a long Virgo To-Do-List and check off the items one by one. You will feel uber organized.


    You have a magical date to connect with friends in a social way. Saturday, June 27th is the day to either give a party or go to a party. It’s the weekend and the middle of the summer, so it’s your time. Have fun!


    The last week in June and the first week in July is a sweet time for you. Your Scorpio is aligning beautifully with the current position of the Sun in the watery sign of Cancer. Reach out to your friends and family and send love. You will be in the mood.


    Sag is the best traveler of all the signs of the Zodiac. Since you’ve probably been quarantined, you are probably chomping at the bit for a little adventure. The first week in July is your escape time. Even a short road trip will lift your spirit.


    The Full Moon is in your sign of Capricorn and it lands on the Fourth of July. Not only is it a Full Moon, but it’s also an Eclipse of the Moon. See how many things your can change about your life during this month. It’s the time for release and rebirth.


    The planets in Gemini are all aligning in a sweet way with your Sun. This is the month to spend some time with your friends. Set up events that are unusual and fun in a new way. Adventure is in the air.


    Mars has been in Pisces since May 13th and will leave your sign on June 28th. Pisces relates to compassion and healing and is felt in the world now. Personally, give yourself some extra caring before the end of June. You always give to others and now it’s your turn.


    Mars is your planet, Aries, and you will have an extraordinarily long time to get to know him. On June 28th, Mars enters your sign of Aries and doesn’t leave until January 6th, 2021. Why is it so long? Mars will be retrograding in Aries for quite a while during the fall. Now is your time to move forward . . . and fast.


    Your power dates this month are from July 12th through July 15th. You will likely experience a surprising event during those days, but don’t be shocked, it’s meant to be. You will feel a sense of freedom as a result.


    Venus has been retrograding in Gemini since May 14th and will turn direct on June 25th. This was one of the best times to look at your life in a new way. Even though you might have felt sensitive, the deep understanding that happened was all worth it. Now you can move forward.


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