What's Up for your Sign during Capricorn


    Happy Birthday, dear Capricorn! You are the center of attention now, Cap, and will be for quite a while. Including the Moon, there will be five planets plus the South Node all in Capricorn on January 4th – 6th.  Plus, there is a Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on January 5th. New changes are coming.


    The South Node has been in Aquarius for the last 18 months and has just left your sign. That point in the sky refers to releasing old patterns, so hopefully you have recently let go of anything that was holding you down. You can take is a bit easier now, Aquarius. Yes!


    Busy Mars has been in Pisces since November 16th and will leave Pisces on the very last day of the year – December 31, 2018. Do a ritual of release on New Year’s Eve to complete this Marsy cycle. Write what you have learned on a piece of paper and burn it. Have the intention of freedom.


    You are in for a wild ride, Aries, because Mars will be rushing into Aries on December 31st. This might be a year that you want to go out to a party. Have fun, but be safe. What a great way to start the New Year with your planet. Yes, starting an exercise plan is perfect for a New Year’s intention.


    There is quite a party of planets in Capricorn now that is supporting your earthy Tausus. Start the New Year with an indepth plan for 2019. This will be a good money year for you, dear Taurus. Use it to your benifit. Taurus is the sign of luxury, after all.


    The party of planets in Capricorn is in your Gemini house of other people’s money now. The New Year of 2019 will bring you financial opportunities and pretty early in the year. Now is the time for you to plan what you are going to be doing with all that money. Great homework for you, creative Gemini.


    The Full Moon is in your sign of Cancer this month on December 22nd. This will be a special Full Moon, since the Winter Solstice will happen one day before it on December 21st. Many people around the world celebrate the Winter Solstice and the Full Moon will just bring more light to the winter and also to you!


    The Moon will be in your sign of Leo on Christmas Day. So you will feel like shining a bit more this holiday because the Moon is backing you up. Everyone will be more animated and maybe noisier than they were last year. Have big Leo fun!


    The last week of 2018 will have a perfect triangle in earth signs that will support your Virgo Sun. If you can, take some time off that week and focus on you. The Virgo in you will want to make sure this year is completed properly. That earth triangle will help you accomplish just that.


    This holiday will bring some friends and family gatherings that don’t happen that often. Bring an old photo album so people can talk about family memories. Make comfort food and give a lot of hugs.


    The retrograde of Venus in your sign is over, but Venus is still in Scorpio until January 6th. So make sure you pamper yourself this holiday season. Is a spa day in your Christmas stocking? Ask Santa and you’ll get it. Hey, you have to honor Venus.


    Venus will enter Sagittarius on January 7th and will be getting close to Jupiter the entire month of January. It is a Very fortunate cycle to have Jupiter and Venus joining in your sign. They bring joy, expansion and lots of fun. This will be a wonderful start to the New Year of 2019!


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