What's Up for Your Sign During Sagittarius?


    Happy Birthday, Sag! This mon18th is very important for you since Mercury will be retrograding in your sign. From December 3rd – 22nd, Mercury will be going backwards. This is your time to change anything in your lifestyle. Think rebirth.


    All Capricorns are in for a new phase now. The serious planet Saturn is entering your sign on December 19th and will remain there until December 2020. You will want to focus and be accomplished. This is just the beginning.


    The Moon will be in Aquarius for Thanksgiving. Make new traditions this year. Change things up a little. Try to slip in a new recipe for those sweet potatoes.


    The few days after Thanksgiving are your power times this month. The Moon is in Pisces with Neptune, which is perfect for a holiday. Take some time off to just rest. Relaxing close to water would be even better.


    Late November, especially November 29th, will be a surprising time for you.  Don’t be shocked if you have some unusual and sudden events happen. Be flexible and just go with the flow.


    Early December is your most powerful time this next month. Finish your holiday shopping and preparations early this year. You might be spending more money than usual, but that’s ok. You’re a Taurus and deserve it.


    Your power date this month is the first week in December. With the Moon in your sign of Gemini, you will be in the mood to see friends and be social. Make sure to go out, especially to holiday parties and have fun. Laugh and give lots of hugs!


    Your sign of Cancer is one of the best for enjoying family and friends over the holidays. Your planets are in a good line up for a sweet and cozy holiday season. Make comfort food and tell people how much you care about them.


    You will shine extra brightly from December 6th – 8th. Put on your finest clothes and go to a fancy party or theatre on those days or that weekend. Wear something that will stand out and let everyone know you are a Leo!


    Mid December could bring a challenge for you. Everyone will want you to join them for holiday cheer, but you won’t be in the mood. Let them know what works for you and don’t get talked into things you don’t want to do.


    You are usually there for others but this holiday season you will need to take some time for yourself, especially around December 11th – 12th. Use those dates to recharge your batteries before the busy holidays.


    Mars will be entering your sign of Scorpio on December 9th and will join Jupiter, who is already in Scorpio. You will feel extra energy throughout this holiday season. Hey, you might even have the travel bug and will want to take a short trip during the holidays.


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