What's Up for Your Sign during Sagittarius?


    Happy Birthday, dear Sagittarius. This will be a fun birthday month for you since Mercury will be in your sign from December 2nd – 20th. Mercury is about communication, so make sure to reach out to your friends and family during this holiday season.


    You are almost free, Capricorn. On the Winter Solstice, or December 21st, both Jupiter and Saturn will move out of your sign and enter Aquarius. If you have any last bit issues to release, please do it by that time. You have been working very hard and you will soon see how it will pay off.


    Your sign of Aquarius will be the center of attention for quite a while now. Both Jupiter and Saturn leave Capricorn and enter Aquarius on December 21st or the Winter Solstice. You, Aquarius, are just starting a new phase and this is the time to prepare for your new life.


    The second week in December is your power time for this month. Planets will line up with your Pisces Sun in a way that will help you accomplish a lot in a very short period of time. Try not to get distracted and you will succeed. Do your holiday shopping early this year.


    Your planet Mars has been in retrograde motion in Aries since September 11th and turned direct on November 14th. Don’t feel bad if your projects were delayed, that is often part of a retrograde. Now is the time for you to move forward, just like Mars.


    Venus is aligning with your Taurus Sun this month. Since Venus is your planet, it makes this a fortunate month for you. Beauty is associated with Venus, so if you are ready to bring new aesthetics into your life, now is the best time. Be generous with yourself and yes, buy that dress or piece of art you want. Venus would approve.


    The Full Moon is in Gemini this month on November 30th and is actually a Lunar Eclipse. You can use the Eclipse to release anything that is no longer necessary. Also, Gemini is a very social sign and this is the time to celebrate with some close friends. Go out and watch the Sun set in the west and turn around and watch the Moon rise in the east. Turn it into a Gemini Full Moon party!


    Your sign of Cancer loves food and to entertain small groups and December 4th is your perfect evening for a dinner party. Since the holiday season is here, have people dress up to make the party even more special. Formal attire would be appropriate.


    The weekend of December 4th is your best celebration weekend this holiday season. In Leo style, put on your finest clothes and strut your stuff. You know the Leo in you would love that and now is the time. Are Led lights too bright? Hey, it is  the holiday season.


    The second week in December is your best time until the holidays to do a project. Not only will your fastidious Virgo shine, but you will feel this surge of creativity, not usual to your Virgo style. There might be an artist in you, who knows?


    This will be a holiday season for relationships for you, dear Libra. Not only will personal relationships come into focus, but you will also be dealing with your family and extended family. You might find yourself being the entertainment director for a while – a job that would come natural to you.


    Lucky you, Venus is in Scorpio until December 16th. Now is the time to not only buy presents for others, but also buy presents for yourself. Be very generous, especially with items of beauty, music or art. Yes, you can splurge on that present this year, dear Scorpio.


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