What's Up for Your Sign During Sagittarius?


    Happy Birthday, lucky Sag. Not only is it your birthday month, but both Jupiter and Venus are in your sign now. They are called the beneficials and bring good luck. Venus is leaving Sag on November 26th, so squeeze in some pampering before that date. Jupiter leaves Sag on December 3rd. Implement your dreams now . . . don’t wait.


    Capricorn is the sign that dominates the sky now. To add to the already big party, Jupiter is entering Capricorn on December 3rd and won’t leave until December 19, 2020. This is your time to shine in your entire life. There won’t be this many planets in Capricorn again for a very long time. Be your best self ever. The next year is yours.


    You have all those Capricorn planets going through your house of introspection. Don’t feel bad if you aren’t feeling social and instead just want to relax and enjoy your own company. Introspection and inner reflection about letting go of some past experiences is your mode now. Stay with it until you feel free.


    The first week in December is your power date this month. Your Sun is in a positive angle with Mars in Scorpio, which will give you an extra drive not normal to your gentle Pisces spirit. You will be able to move forward with a speed and force that will surprise others as well as yourself. You’ll say, “I didn’t know I had it in me”.


    Your Aries Sun is in a challenging angle to all those Capricorn planets now. You might need to stand up and speak your mind with authority figures. This is not the month to get a speeding ticket or to do anything risky involving the law or rules. The trick is to be authentically yourself without annoying others.


    This is your month to make long-range ideas. Maybe do a plan for the next five years. Even if things change, you’re letting the Universe know what you want. Uranus, the planet of surprises, is in your sign now, so your life will be changing. Think big and don’t limit your dreams. Anything is possible if you believe it to be.


    The Full Moon will be in Gemini this month on December 11th. If you can manage to take a little road trip, this would be the time. If now, do something special for yourself. Try a new experience that you have never done before. It’s ok to be little nervous, because it will turn to excitement right away.


    The weekend of December 13th is your best day to have a little holiday gathering. Make sure to invite the oldest members of your family and bring photo albums and mementos.  People will want to reminisce and talk about the past. Have comfort food and a warm ambiance.


    Mid December is your time this month to go out on the town. With all the planets in Capricorn now, dress with elegance. Attend an art opening or the theater. Know that you will always have people looking at you, since you always stand out in the crowd. You must look your best at all times.


    This is a very good time for earth signs, like your Virgo Sun. The planet of excitement, Uranus, and the Capricorn party are both in a positive alignment with your Virgo now. This is your time to easily accomplish your dreams. Make a nice To-Do-List for the Universe. It’s like asking Santa Claus for presents you want.


    This is the year to have a holiday party. Plan it late in the holiday season - close to Christmas. Invite friends and family, especially those you haven’t seen in a while. This is the year for intimate, home made presents. They don’t have to be fancy to mean a lot. Think wholesome, healthy and cozy.


    Mars is now going through you sign of Scorpio and won’t leave until January 3rd, 2020. This will bring a deep feeling of power to your very core and you will want to use it. Let the world know how strong you are with taking a leadership role in a project. People will be impressed by your initiative and boldness. Take charge and be proud.


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