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List of Services
  • Birth Chart and Transits - a blueprint of your life explaining your talents as well as your challenges. It defines your life purpose. Transits show what cycles are happening now and in your future. $300. For first-time customers, the fee is $350.


  • Astro*Carto*Graphy* - a map of the world showing your power spots. Where to travel for business, love or holidays? Your map knows. $300.


  • Compatibility -  a chart telling how you get along with others. It can be used with relationships for love, business or family connections. $450.


  • Sabian Symbols - a picture of your archetypes or sub-personalities. You might have a High Priestess or an Indian Chief in your soul. $300.


  • Business Astrology - You could have Susie in your pocket as you make business decisions. Knowing when to buy and when to sell is priceless information. TBD


  • Media Events - Invite Susie to speak at your next event for an entertaining and insightful experience. TBD