2020: The Summer of Retrogrades

    The year of 2020 will go down as a very unusual year for many reasons. We have a nasty pandemic that has caused a global economic downturn approaching a recession. On top of that, there are international protests and rioting regarding the killing of the black man, George Floyd. To add to that, there are terrible fires in the mountains here in my beloved Tucson. Things are very hot and how does that show astrologically?

    Instead of having the usual four Eclipses, 2020 will have six Eclipses: Two Solar and Four Lunar Eclipses. Those extra Eclipses will bring some additional changes to 2020. Of course, the Capricorn Party of planets is still strong and will be in charge the entire year.

    To add to those very unusual events, we have a huge number of retrogrades occurring, mostly during the summer and fall of 2020. In fact, we will have an enormous five planets doing a retrograde at the same time! It’s incredibly rare to have so many planets retrograding at the same time, but we are in odd times, so I’m not surprised. A group of three of planets in retrograde is the Capricorn Party. Retrogrades are times to rethink, regroup and reboot. The entire world will be deciding during the summer of 2020 what the future will look like. Let’s look at the retrogrades one at a time.

    Venus Retrograde: May 13th – June 25th

    Venus only does a retrograde about every 17 months and lasts for about six weeks. Venus is going backward in Gemini this time. Venus relates to love, art, music and beauty. Many people are either still in quarantine or are not going out much yet. If people are having to keep 6 feet away from each other due to social distancing, that will keep parties, weddings and social gatherings at an absolute minimum. Are people hugging much, which is a Venus activity? Not really.

    The quarantine has caused a lot of relationships to either become more bonded or break up. Kelly Clarkson has filed for divorce after the quarantine, realizing her marriage wasn’t working. I’m sure we’ll hear more love casualties soon. There will be divorces or babies made during this time. Since this retrograde is in Gemini, everyone is thinking and communicating in a more honest fashion now. Why sugar coat things if you’re not feeling it?

    Mercury Retrograde: June 18th – July 12th

    Everyone is used to Mercury Retrogrades since they occur three times a year for three weeks each retrograde. Mercury is all about the mind and communication, which can cause misunderstandings. If someone knows nothing about astrology, more than likely they know what Mercury Retrograde means. This Mercury Retrograde is in the sign of Cancer, which brings us back to the home. Plus, there is a week overlap when both Venus and Mercury will be retrograde at the same time. So, June 18th – 25th will have a double whammy of inner retrogrades. Make sure you are clear in your communications with your loved ones. There could be confusion that needs to be clarified.

    Lunar Eclipse: July 4th.

    I was going to stay with retrogrades, but the Eclipse of the Moon on Independence Day is a real doozy, so I had to include it. This Eclipse lands perfectly on the birthday of the United States. The Sun is in the sign of Cancer and the Eclipsed Moon will join the Capricorn Party to form a tense angle. In addition, both the Sun and the Moon will square Mars in Aries then too. Mars is associated with the military and it’s quite likely that our president will want to show off a parade of tanks and war machines. The protesters will be in full force too, so on this holiday we won’t be having picnics in the parks as usual. Expect an intense day of hot weather as well as hot emotions.

    Jupiter Retrograde: May 14th – September 13th  

    Jupiter goes retrograde each year for about four months each time. Even though Jupiter is with the other planets in Capricorn, it is the planet of abundance, joy and spiritual wisdom. We’re lucky to have the benevolent Jupiter to help balance the rest of the planets. The Jupiter retrograde will give us all an opportunity to see our lives in a new way. It’s maybe a time to enhance your spiritual practices.

    Saturn Retrograde: May 11th – September 29th

    Saturn is retrograde every year for almost five months, however this will be a stronger retrograde than most because there are so many other planets joining him. Saturn’s domain is the world of authority figures including government, banking institutions, business, rules and regulations and the police force. This timely retrograde will encourage investigations and protocol changes in all those areas.

    Uranus Retrograde: August 15th – January 14th, 2021

    Uranus is retrograde every year for over five month each time. My nickname for Uranus is the Rebel and his job is to change the status quo, even it if mean chaos to accomplish his mission. Since Uranus is doing a retrograde along with the three other planets who are also going in backward motion, this will ensure an outcry from people relating to suppression of society or to the human spirit. Uranus and Mars will add the sparks necessary to really accomplish change.

    Neptune Retrograde: June 23rd – November 29th

    Neptune is retrograde every year for a bit over five months. The job of Neptune is to bring some needed calm and wisdom to the world. With this retrograde, many will reach out to their spirituality to help soothe them. Meditation, yoga, quiet reflective time is becoming more of the norm now that people are confined to their homes more. We could all use some spiritual guidance now.

    Pluto Retrograde: April 25th – Oct 4th

    Pluto is retrograde every year for almost six months each time. That’s almost half of each year that Pluto is going backward. I usually don’t look much at Pluto’s retrograde, however, he is part of the Capricorn Party that is still dominating the solar system until 2021. At that time, Jupiter and Saturn finally leave Cap and enter Aquarius mid-December 2020. But for now, Pluto can be ruthless in the last degrees of a tough sign like Capricorn. It’s like the power broker Pluto is trying to hang on to the very last bits of Capricorn, the sign of authority, and will take every opportunity to be in control. Aquarius will diminish his control and Pluto knows it, so this is his time to flex his muscles. During this retrograde, we will see factors in society trying to take control, although it won’t work. We are in for a definite battle of the wills.

    Mars Retrograde: September 19th – November 14th

    Mars goes retrograde a little over every two years and it lasts over two months each time. The reason I’ve left Mars for last is that he will be the trigger to all these retrograde planets throughout the summer, the fall and actually a bit into 2021. Since Mars is associated with the aggressive sign of Aries, Mars is much stronger when he’s in his own sign. Mars enters Aries on June 28th and won’t leave his sign all the way until January 7th, 2021. That’s a full seven months that we will have Mars in Aries! Yes, that’s a long time but there’s more. About half of that time Mars will be retrograding in Aries. It’s like running really fast and then suddenly coming to a complete stop. Tempers will be high. Frustration will be in the air. Guaranteed there will be many more protests in the streets, and yes, the possibility of more riots is very likely.

    In summary and to paint a better picture, Mars will square, or make a big ole red line to Saturn and the entire Capricorn Party. If Capricorn represents authority and Mars represents outbursts because of suppression – we have the perfect storm. And yes, this is all in full force through the November 3rd presidential election! The ideal of this alignment is bring about change in any areas of society that feel held down, suppressed and not recognized. The summer of 2020 will be remembered as a turning point in history. They’ll be studying this transition for many years to come. We all need to remember that we chose to be here to see one of the biggest evolutions in humanity. Even though it’s disrupting, apparently, it’s necessary. Hey, no one said the Age of Aquarius would open without a fight for independence, and we’re all witnessing that firsthand. Lucky us.


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