Aquarius Is Here!

    Today is the New Moon in Aquarius and seemed a perfect day to write about this new era we have just entered. For years I’ve written about the ominous Capricorn Party, using astrology to attempt to make sense of the craziness in the world. That rare grouping of planets brought a world pandemic, economic crisis, racial and political unrest, all at the same time. Even though those issues are still with us, there is a definite change with how they are being realized. The Aquarius energy is strong now as you can see from the New Moon chart included. Now is finally the time to focus on Aquarius and the wonders that the future holds.

    The creation of new ideas and concepts is the domain of Aquarius. This sign believes that the old is antiquated and broken and needs to be replace with something new. The purpose of Aquarius is to break or at least bend the rules and bring a new paradigm. It is no surprise that the planet associated with Aquarius is Uranus. Since Uranus is the rebel of all the planets, this pair has the important job of updating our culture to to a newest operating system. Capricorn, with his planet Saturn, has the job of protecting the status quo. Aquarius, with his planet Uranus, has the job of creating the future. Obviously, there will be a push and pull between two totally different ways of thinking until the complete transition occurs. The world is experiencing that right now.

    As I write this article, the US Senate is the jury in an unprecedented second Impeachment trial of the former president. Myanmar is experiencing an historic military coup of grand proportions. There is a battle between the old and the new playing out in plain sight. If you are looking to the past, you are living in Capricorn. The future belongs to Aquarius.

    All the signs have both positive as well as more challenging characteristics. I want to look realistically at both of these faces of Aquarius because we are seeing them simultaneously. The positive side of Aquarius is a need for freedom, genius ideas, inventions, computers, new technology. Another part of Aquarius is very humanitarian and encourages brother and sisterhood with a strong sense of community and civic mindedness. Aquarian occupations include pilot, entrepreneur, inventor, maverick, computer geek, influencer and visionary. Aquarius is interested in leading protests for their beloved causes, which often include the environment, diversity and any disenfranchised group. Aquarius is about equality.

    The challenge side of Aquarius produces rebelliousness, shock, surprises, anarchy and radical events. The shadow of Aquarius is the renegade, extremist or zealot. There is a side of Aquarius that is aloof, distant, detached and impersonal. Maybe this sign needs to disassociate with emotions to make drastic change in the world.

    Now that we know the different faces of Aquarius, let’s look at the planets who are transiting through Aquarius now. The recent Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn was the darling of the media leading up to the 2020 Winter Solstice. The significance of this is that they entered Aquarius together. It’s like they were announcing a new era and celebrated their Grand Conjunction on the Winter Solstice.

    Jupiter has a 12-year orbit and therefore will be in Aquarius for approximately one year. Jupiter entered Aquarius on December 21, 2020 and will remain there until December 29, 2021. Jupiter loves being in Aquarius. Their personalities enhance each other. Jupiter represents growth, expansion, humanity, generosity, abundance, fairness and individuality. Jupiter encourages progressive social reform, education and group goals. Jupiter in Aquarius will bring more interest in community development and collaboration.

    The challenge side of Jupiter is being extravagant and too much is often not enough. Jupiter has a huge appetite for almost everything. The innate enthusiasm of Jupiter has a hard time achieving moderation.

    Now let’s add Aquarius to that mix. The positive sides of both Jupiter and Aquarius will bring abundance and focus on humanity, that is sorely needed right now. The challenge side could bring extremism and greed.

    Now let’s look at Saturn, who will hopefully balance Jupiter’s bravado with a bit of Saturn common sense. Saturn is a slower planet and has an orbit of 29 years. Therefore, Saturn entered Aquarius on December 21, 2020 and will remain there until March 7, 2023. Saturn is the executive of the Zodiac whose job it is to make sure everything moves forward like a well-oiled machine. No extremes with Saturn, only organization. If Aquarius wants change, it will be Saturn’s job to accomplish that incrementally and carefully. Saturn does not like surprises. If Jupiter is the visionary, then Saturn is his business manager making sure his goal is accomplished.

    The planetary dance is so interesting because as Saturn leaves Aquarius, Pluto enters Aquarius. Pluto, who has been the leader of the nefarious Capricorn Party, will leave Capricorn and enter Aquarius on March 23, 2023. Since Pluto is the planet who is the furthest from the Sun, his orbit is a slow 249 years. So, the time Pluto will be in Aquarius will be from March 2023 all the way until January 2044! Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth and makes his imprint on humanity more than any of the other planet in our solar system. This planet is all about power. Who has the power? The momentum of Pluto’s run through Capricorn strengthened the voice of corporations and governments. Pluto in Capricorn can be ruthless.

    If Pluto is all about transformation, it is likely that he will enjoy being in adventurous Aquarius. Decisions will be made less by hierarchy and more by consensus. The momentum will be shifting towards humanity. Technology will move in light years. Groups and organizations will be standing up to institutions. This time will see a stunning shift in the balance of power. Aquarius is all about individual freedoms. Pluto’s transit through Aquarius will shift the dominance from the institutions to the individual.

    The world will be forced to unify around shared issues, as can be seen with this pandemic and extreme weather patterns. Aquarius will bring independent thinking and a refusal to be controlled by authority figures. Qualities at the core of the Aquarian Age are independence, freedom, innovation and personal creativity.

    One of the largest cycles in astrology is the change of an Astrological Age, which occurs every 2, 150+ years. The Age of Pisces began around the birth of Christ and is just ending now. This parade of planets entering the sign of Aquarius is boldly announcing the very beginning of the Age of Aquarius. The actual time for the Aquarian Age is 2,150 - 4,300. We are now in what is called the Sub-Aquarian Age, which is the transition time between when one Age ends and the next Age begins. Needless to say, that this will be a jarring and uncomfortable time. This is nothing less than a major paradigm shift to society.


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