Astrological Preview of 2021


    While I was preparing to write this article on what to expect for 2021, I decided to go back and review my Preview for 2020. “Where do I start with this year? It’s going to be a real doozy, folks!” That was the sentence I used to open the article. A contentious presidential election, a world-wide pandemic, threats to the global economy; the list of doozies is a long one. I have been looking at the astrology of 2020 for at least the last 6 years trying to be optimistic about what I saw coming. The Capricorn Party I’ve been writing about for so long was one attempt, but it became a NOT fun party. The planets delivered us a doozy for sure. Not only did Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto leave their Capricorn stamp on 2020, we also had a Mars retrograde that kept him in his own sign of Aries for over six months. That of course exacerbated the frustration built into the already very challenging planetary configuration.

    So, who is ready to welcome 2021 and bid good riddance to 2020? The year of 2021 will be embraced by the entire world. Guaranteed 2021 will be a better year than the last one! We can all say, Happy New Year!

    The Winter Solstice is extraordinary this year because both Jupiter and Saturn are leaving Capricorn. It’s auspicious that these planets are joining hands and walking into Aquarius together on Winter Solstice. Here is the chart for the Winter Solstice.



    As you can see from the chart, there is still a large grouping of planets in one part of the sky. We now have an Aquarius Party to replace the Capricorn Party. Aquarius has a completely different energy to the stodgy Capricorn goat. Aquarius is the Rebel of all the signs of the Zodiac. His job is to break the rules so they can be reorganized in a completely new way. To Aquarius, the status quo represents the old and outdated. Revolution represents the new and improved. Everything will change under Aquarius.

    For a contrast, Capricorn is the lawyer, accountant, executive, engineer, general, industrialist, land developer, conservative, monarch and the patriarch. Aquarius, on the other hand, is the sign of the inventor, computer genius, futurist, radical, humanitarian, liberator, test pilot, maverick, renegade and visionary. A main talent of Aquarius is the ability to create community as it relates to collective consciousness. Zoom and the internet are perfect examples of Aquarius as people collaborate with others all over the world in real time. Capricorn and Aquarius are very different in styles.

    Jupiter and Saturn joined in zero degrees Aquarius on the incredibly auspicious day of Winter Solstice 2020. The rarer the alignments in astrology, the more powerful they are. So, having this ingress or entrance into a new sign on a Solstice is doubly rare. Since Jupiter has an orbit of 12 years, he will be in Aquarius for approximately one year and will leave Aquarius on December 29, 2021. All of 2021 will be blessed with the dynamic drive of Jupiter in Aquarius.

    Saturn is further out in the solar system and therefore has a slower orbit of 29 years. So, Saturn will be in Aquarius for the next 2 ½ years until March 7, 2023. I think that month is a portal of sorts because the slowest planet of them all, Pluto, will leave Capricorn and enter Aquarius on March 23, 2023. Since Pluto’s orbit is a whopping 249 years, he will stay in Aquarius for 21 years from 2023 all the way until January 19, 2044! So, we have now entered a long Aquarian phase, which I think heralds the arrival of the actual Age of Aquarius. This is a period of 2,500+ years and doesn’t end until 4,300! Jupiter and Saturn have already opened the door to this long phase of Aquarius, so these new beginnings are inevitable. I say, bring it on, although things aren’t quite smooth sailing just yet.

    We need to get passed the antagonistic chart of the inauguration. Mars has moved into Taurus and will join unpredictable Uranus exactly on the day of the inauguration. I’ve written much about this over the last few months. When feisty Mars joins volatile Uranus, it is definitely surprising and potentially explosive. January 20th will be a very unusual day, no matter what happens. So, this year will start off with a big bang, astrologically. Here is the chart for the Inauguration.

    Both Jupiter and Saturn will be forming a square to the slow-moving planet Uranus throughout the year of 2021. Jupiter squares Uranus on January 17th, building up the momentum to the inauguration chart. Saturn will square Uranus three times through the year on February 17th, June 14th and December 24th. Since Saturn relates to structure and Uranus represents sudden change, the entire year of 2021 will be involved with creating new structures in government, business, technology and you name it. Everything will be up for reform. Conservatives will align with Saturn while liberals will relate more to Uranus. There will need to be a compromise to create the changes necessary for this alignment of planets.

    This will be a more normal year of retrogrades than 2020. We will have the normal three Mercury retrogrades. Venus will start her retrograde at the very end of the year from December 19th through January 29th, 2022. Mars did a very long pass through Aries with his retrograde in 2020. Mars is not retrograde during 2021.

    We will also have the normal number of eclipse seasons with only two in May and June and the second season will be in November and December. Eclipse seasons occur six months apart.

    The Chinese New Year starts on January 18th and is the year of the Metal Ox. In Chinese astrology, there are twelve animals and 5 elements. Western astrology uses the four elements of Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Chinese astrology uses the five elements of Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. The animal changes each year but the same elements lasts for two years. Last year was the Metal Rat and this year it changes to the Metal Ox. The element of metal brings a sense of being rigid, intense and very determined. A metal element can be unreasonably stubborn with their ambitious attitude. Last year, the personality of the Rat resorted to wheeling and dealing with bickering and arguments, which is what happened in 2020. The new animal for 2021, the Ox, represents prosperity through hard work. The Ox is patient, dependable, trustworthy, fair-minded, dutiful and is often in positions of authority. The Ox prefers routine and staying with normal conventions. This promises to be a year of diligence and focus. Very different from the Rat of last year. I’ll be writing an entire article on the Chinese New Year for my Aquarius Newsletter.

    Here are the most important celestial events for 2021:

    Planetary Alignments

    Jupiter squares Uranus on January 17th. Jupiter is the planet of extremes and always makes things bigger than they appear. Uranus is the planet of surprises and chaos and this is a rare angle that will certainly bring change to the world. It occurs right before the inauguration. When you combine extremes and surprises, anything is likely to occur.

    Mars conjuncts Uranus on January 20th. Mars is going to join Uranus exactly, to the minute, on the inauguration. This will be a very unusual day that leans towards the volatile.

    Saturn squares Uranus three times on February 17th, June 14th and December 24th. Saturn represents structure while Uranus represents sudden change. This year will bring a different style of operation. Expect a new paradigm.


    Mercury Retrogrades

    Retrogrades are the best times to change old habits. Rethink, refocus and reboot are the words for retrograde. Mercury will turn backwards three times this year for three weeks each time, which are the dates to go through your life and release whatever is outdated. Retrogrades are good for a deep house cleaning as well as a deep emotional cleaning. Just let go of everything that doesn’t spark excitement to you anymore. Yes, go through your closets and drawers to clean them out. Guaranteed you will feel free. Remember that the sign Mercury is retrograding in will determine the area that needs to be released.

    Jan 30th  – Feb 21st. This entire retrograde will be in Aquarius and will be joining the grouping of planets in Aquarius at this time. Expect sudden changes. Make as many new beginnings as possible in your life. Be bold and creative.

    May 29th  – June 22nd. Mercury will be retrograding in Gemini for this cycle. Since Gemini is associated with the mind and ideas, this is a great time to look at the world in a new way. Use this time to clean out your office or workspace. Yes, organize your inbox too.

    Sept 27th  – Oct 18th. This retrograde will be in Libra and is likely to be focused on updating or changing relationship patterns. This will be the time to complete unfinished business in all relationships.


    Venus Retrograde  

    Dec 19th, 2021 – January 29th, 2022. The year will finish with Venus doing a retrograde in Capricorn. Venus only retrogrades approximately every 1 ½ years and lasts for six weeks.  Often love interests are examined and adjusted as necessary during this time. Reorganize your music collection. Rearrange your art. If you want to redecorate your home, this is the time!



    Eclipses are similar to Mercury Retrogrades in that they are the best times to release the old. Many times the release occurs right on the day of the Eclipse, especially if it connects with your birth chart. The Lunar Eclipse and Solar Eclipse are two weeks apart. Even though you might not see the Eclipse from your location, you can definitely feel it.

    Lunar Eclipse is on May 26th at 5 degrees Sagittarius. This is a Total Eclipse and is named the Super Full Blood Moon Eclipse. It is a Super Moon and appears larger than normal because it is as close to the Earth that the Moon gets. The Eclipse will take on a reddish glow explaining the Blood Moon. This will be a powerful Eclipse because both the Sun and Moon will be square to expansive Jupiter during the Eclipse, adding extra energy to the already charged Moon. This Eclipse will be visible in the western US, if you are willing to stay up until the wee hours of the morning. It might be worth it.

    Solar Eclipse is on June 10th at 19 degrees Gemini. This is an Annular Eclipse, which means that there will be a ring of light around the Moon during the peak of the Eclipse. Even though it’s not total, it’s still a stunning sight. This Eclipse can be seen in the Artic. Mercury will be retrograde and will be joining the Eclipse, which could create communication challenges.

    Lunar Eclipse is on Nov 19th at 27 Taurus. This will only be a Partial Eclipse, but it will be seen by much of Europe, Asia, Australia, North and South America, so lots of people can see it. Mercury and Mars will be close to the Sun in Scorpio, which will give a decided emotional leaning.

    Solar Eclipse is on Dec 4th at 12 degrees Sagittarius. This is a Total Eclipse and will be seen south of Australia and South America close to Antarctica. Mercury is right next to the eclipse. Because this is happening in Sagittarius, it will feel very energizing.


    Visible Planets

    Mercury is so hard to see that I’m only listing Venus through Saturn.


     Venus is in the morning sky during January

     Venus is in the evening sky from June through December


    Mars is in the evening sky from January through August

    Mars is in the morning sky in December


    Jupiter is in the morning sky from March through August

    Jupiter is in the evening sky from September through December


    Saturn is in the morning sky from February through August

    Saturn is in the evening sky from September through December


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