Astrology Conference Musings

    There is excitement in the air for astrologers as we get ready to go to a much-awaited conference. The name of the organization is the International Society for Astrological Research, or ISAR. It is being held in Westminster, Colorado which is close to Denver during the last week in August. I wanted to share my excitement with you all and let you know about the broad styles of astrology presented at these conferences.

    Astrologers are particularly excited because the conference was cancelled in 2020 as well as 2021. Finally in 2022, the world is barely stable enough to hold an international conference. Even though it is going to happen, many of my astrology colleagues who live overseas cannot attend due to national restrictions over vaccinations. egardless, there will probably be about 50 countries represented at the conference.

    I have been a speaker at international astrology conferences since the early 80s and have gotten to know astrologers from all around the world. Astrology is one of the few universal symbolic languages that bypasses spoken languages. The other symbolic languages that come to mind are music, mathematics and hieroglyphics. It doesn’t matter if we astrologers don’t speak the same language, we can all read the same astrology chart. It cuts across all borders and unites the world in a profound way. We are an international family who gets together at these conferences every couple of years and have for decades. We’re very close in an odd kind of a way. So, what happens at these conferences?

    Yes, we get together and party, of course. But it’s mostly about learning from each other. One thing I love about astrologers is that we are very smart. Some of the most brilliant minds I know are my astrology friends. A few of them have learned ancient Greek to translate ancient astrology texts. We are a very dedicated and might I say, obsessed group, regarding astrology. Every conversation at the conference, even in the elevator, is about astrology.

    The lectures are divided into different tracks or styles of astrology. My lecture is in the Natal Chart Delineation track and is entitled Susie’s Secrets of Interpretation. My presentation is all about the techniques in my book, Susie’s Secrets: Decoding the Language of Astrology.

    Here are all the tracks or categories of the lectures:

    1. Forecasting and Predictive Techniques. These are transits or progressions showing what is happening now in your life.
    2. Health and Wellness. How we can use astrology to enhance our health.
    3. Historical Studies and Applied Research. Astrology has been around for thousands of years and this shows its history and ancient techniques.
    4. Mythology and Archetypes. Some astrologers are also mythologists.
    5. Natal Chart Delineation. How to interpret your birth chart.
    6. Philosophical and Spiritual. Looking for the deeper meaning in the birth chart.
    7. Political and Mundane. These relate to business and politics.
    8. Relationships. Comparison charts and how people relate to each other.
    9. Traditional and Specialized Techniques. Ancient astrology and fancy methods.
    10. Vocation/Career and Financial. Occupations, money trends and stocks.

    So, each lecture time has 10 different choices. How do I decide? I go with the astrologers that I know and love first. Of course, some of the tracks I am more interested in than other ones. But if none of the lectures excite me, there is always the Trade Show, which is one of my favorite parts of the entire conference. There is everything from the astrology software companies to gems and clothes. The Vedic astrologers use gemstones to enhance the astrology chart, so there is always beautiful jewelry there. The clothes are very creative and astrologically oriented. Within the Trade Show is the bookstore with book signings by the authors.

    To top off the week will be a gala awards banquet. Yes, all the astrologers dress to the nines in tuxedos and gowns. It’s so nice to see everyone so dressed up. Awards will be given to the top astrologers in various categories. We have a cocktail party before and a dance afterwards. Yes, this will be finished in people’s rooms with astrologers talking and laughing until the wee hours of the morning.

    The goodbyes on the last day are heartfelt with lots of tears. We will be hugging our good friends from many years as well as our new friends we just met. I have a special treat since one of my students is attending her first conference and we’ll be spending quality time together too. I’ll see astrology in a new way through her eyes.

    After all the laughter and tears, the next thing we’re talking about is  -- when will be our next astrology conference!


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