Astrology during Aquarius

    The Sun enters the sign of Aquarius on January 19th at 2 p.m., Mountain Time. Aquarius is the sign that likes to change everything. Where Capricorn makes the rules and likes to keep to status quo – Aquarius breaks the rules and starts fresh. They are usually inventors, futurists, entrepreneurs, computer geeks and revolutionaries. Aquarians see the past as outdated and are always ready for an update. There is an aloofness and independence to Aquarius, which keeps them a bit distant so they can move forward without any guilt. It’s their job to switch things up and they do it so well.

    I’ve been writing about the Capricorn Party now for years and that has officially ended. Bye Capricorn and Hello Aquarius! Both Jupiter and Saturn joined exactly in Aquarius on December 21st or the recent Winter Solstice. Now the Sun and Mercury are also in Aquarius. But unlike that long, long time the planets were close in Capricorn, there isn’t going to be much of an Aquarius Party. Jupiter is now moving too fast and will separate from Saturn and for sure Pluto, who is still in Cap. I have to admit, Aquarius is much more fun that the typical stern Capricorn energy. Jupiter will be in Aquarius until December 29th, 2021. Since Jupiter has a 12-year orbit, it will be in a sign for one year. Jupiter is all about expansion, new beginnings and international connections. All that is starting in January 2021.

    In addition to Jupiter, Saturn has also entered this revolutionary sign of Aquarius. Since Saturn’s orbit is 29 years, he will be in Aquarius for approximately 2 ½ years. Saturn won’t leave Aquarius until March 7th, 2023. We won’t have to lament Saturn leaving Aquarius, because the slowest planet of all, Pluto, will enter Aquarius on March 23rd, 2023. This is the slowest planet of them all and will be in Aquarius all the way until March 9th, 2043! So, we are entering a very long Aquarius phase, which has already started. Many say that this is the very beginning of the transition into the Aquarian Age, and I agree. We will all be doing most things differently soon. This pandemic has forced many changes and many will become permanent. Zooming isn’t going away!

    Mercury will be turning retrograde this month from January 30th - February 21st. The entire retrograde Mercury will be in Aquarius, which will be the best time to change things up in your life. Be brutal with giving things away. Move furniture around in your house or if you are in the mood, this is a good time for renovation. Your style will be different and you will want to express yourself in a new way. How many things can you change with Mercury retrograde? Go for it!

    I usually don’t talk about how the planets aspect or angle to each other, but there is a big one this month. Jupiter is doing a powerful square or red line to the volatile planet Uranus. I’m going to give a little astrologer lesson here. We have new planets in Aquarius now and the planet Uranus is associated with Aquarius, so it makes the connection much stronger. On January 17th, Jupiter will be square to Uranus and will bring a sudden change to humanity. Moving forward will be the theme and holding back will be futile. It is better to be flexible, open minded and ready for something new in your life. If there is any time in history to embrace change, it is now.  Aquarius relates to the collective, or humanity, but it will also push each person to the future too.

    This month will officially start when energetic Mars joins unpredictable Uranus on January 20th. That day is of course, at noon in Washington DC, the inauguration. When Mars joins Uranus, there are sudden changes. These can be physical or emotional explosions, of course. We all saw a bit of that occurring on January 6th, with the attempted insurrection of the US Capitol building. Let’s hope that is all we’ll see of that style. Yes, Mars and Uranus are also square to all the planets now in Aquarius, exactly on inauguration.. We can all expect an unusual day, to say the least. The traditions of transfer of power will be different from all previous inaugurations. Much of it will be virtual this time and it will be a day that goes down in history.

    Regarding the visible planets, this month isn’t going to be as good for planetary viewing. Venus is still in the predawn sky above the eastern horizon. Mars is still in the evening sky. But all those months of watching Jupiter and Saturn in the evening sky is now over. They both have disappeared in the glow of the Sun. Bye Jupiter and Saturn. They will emerge in the morning sky soon, but they are so much more convenient to see in the evening.  Most people don’t get up before sunrise to check out the planets. I do, but I’m obsessed with planetary viewing.

    See you all next in Pisces.


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