Astrology During Cancer

    The Sun enters the sign of Cancer on June 21st at 2:24 a.m., Mountain Time. Cancer is a water sign and is associated with the Moon.  Emotions flow easily, just like water, with both the sign of Cancer and the Moon. Compassion, nurturing, family, community and food are important to this sign. Typical occupations are massage therapists, chefs, interior designers, caretakers and realtors. If you need someone to help you or hold your hand, a sweet friend who is a Cancer will be there for you.

    The sign of Cancer marks the Summer Solstice each year. The first day of Summer is zero degrees Cancer and is the official start of a new season. The four cardinal points welcome each of the seasons. Aries is the Spring Equinox. Cancer is the Summer Solstice. Libra is the Fall Equinox. Capricorn is the Winter Solstice.  On the Equinoxes, the duration of the days and nights are fairly equal. On the Solstices, (in the northern hemisphere) the days are long and the nights are short. This is due to Earth’s revolving around the Sun at an angle. The northern hemisphere is pointing towards the Sun during the summer and pointing away from the Sun during winter.

    Many cultures honor the Summer Solstice with celebrations. When I lived in Barcelona, they would build bonfires all over the city to celebrate the light. They partied all night as they danced around the bonfires. It felt tribal and incredibly ancient to me.

    This is a fairly calm month with no major planetary alignments happening. Let’s hope that will mean a month the world will slowly get back to semi-normal.

    Regarding the visible planets, for the next few months all the planets will be in the predawn sky just above the eastern horizon. If you get up about ½ hour before sunrise, you will see the planets there throughout the summer and into the fall. The planets are in a tight grouping now and are all visible only before dawn. You are lucky is you are an early riser. Sometimes I get up and go outside for a quick peek towards the eastern horizon to see them and then I go back to bed. It might be worth it because you will be able to see Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter. Venus and Jupiter are easy to spot since they are so bright. Happy planetary viewing!

    See you next in Leo!


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