Astrology During Capricorn

    The Sun enters the sign of Capricorn on December 21st at 9:04 a.m., Mountain Time. Capricorn is an earth sign associated with stern Saturn. They are a good match with Capricorn being serious and focused and Saturn being the taskmaster of all the planets. I’ve named Cap the executive of the Zodiac. Typical Capricorn occupations include engineers, economists, managers and authority figures. If you want a person who will get things done . . . a Capricorn is your best bet.

    Welcome to the Winter Solstice! The sign of Capricorn always marks a change of season. There are two Solstices during the year. One is the Winter Solstice and the other is the Summer Solstice. The other two changes of seasons are during the Spring and Fall Equinoxes. The year is divided into four sections or seasons and the Winter Solstice is one of them. See if you can do a ritual or ceremony to honor this special day of the year.

    Capricorn starts with Venus being in retrograde motion. Venus will be going backward from December 19th until January 28th next year. The entire time will be a retrograde in Capricorn. It’s an interesting way to start out the new year and somehow makes sense with what the world is experiencing now and has for the last couple of years. Many mandates are happening with restrictions on travel, entertainment and social lives in general. It’s a bit tougher to date and kiss when everyone is wearing a mask. Venus in Capricorn is a bit subdued to begin with in comparison to a feisty Venus in Aries or intense Scorpio. All retrogrades are times of release, so what are you wanting to change in your personal life? It is a great time to spruce up your wardrobe or your home. Do you want to paint that wall turquoise? Now is the time to be bold with your New Year’s resolutions. Capricorn is often about appearances. Maybe you are up for a new image of yourself. The entire world is changing drastically, so why not change personally too?

    It is interesting that the two seasonal holidays, Winter Solstice and Christmas, will both have a retrograde Venus joining Pluto in Capricorn. This seems to me a solemn holiday season with small gatherings and no raucous parties. Plan for intimate, heartfelt gatherings. New Years Eve looks a bit better with the Moon next to Mars in lively Sagittarius. Save any partying for New Years, but it will still have all those Capricorn heavies hanging around.  

    Basically, the only planetary configuration of the year of 2021 is Saturn square Uranus. Old stuffy Saturn is in a direct conflict with revolutionary Uranus and has been the entire year of 2021. Why did it take all year? Saturn did a retrograde and squared Uranus three times. The first direct was on February 17th, the second and retrograde was on June 14th and the last direct will be on December 24th. Disciplined Saturn is having an argument with Uranus, the rebel. They understand each other the least of all the planetary pairs. How could they, because the job of Saturn is to maintain the status quo. The job of Uranus is to break the rules and create a new paradigm. They couldn’t be any more different from each other.

    Often, during a square like this, the planets play teeter totter with each other. First the regulations of Saturn come out and it appears that Saturn is winning. Saturn represents the authority figures who think they are in charge. Then the revolutionary Uranus defies all the rules and creates change through a grassroots movement that challenges the authorities. Who will win? Here is one of the tricks to astrology: The slow guy always wins. Saturn has an orbit of 29 years, while the more outer planet, Uranus, has an orbit of 84 years. That’s almost three times slower and stronger than Saturn. But don’t feel sorry for poor Saturn, he will do his job. There is a compromise and maybe even a blending of the two. Uranus will have more structure and won’t be quite as dramatic. Saturn will loosen up a bit and see the bigger picture. We see the world being divided now by ideologies. Beliefs are so strong that a line is being drawn in the sand between the liberals and the conservatives. Uranus represents the liberals, of course, while Saturn is the perfect conservative. We can only hope that after this year they will begrudgingly become a team. The odd couple is what I would call them. The plan is for both sides to be heard and respected and try to come together to form a more perfect society.

    In your personal life, how can you break down some old walls and replace them with something new. Maybe a curtain instead of a concrete wall. Try to make changes in areas that haven’t been touched for many years. Clean out the closet that you never use. Take a class in a new subject of interest. Push yourself a bit and do something that you didn’t have the courage to tackle before. You can do it now.

    Regarding the visible planets, since Venus is doing a retrograde now, she is leaving the evening sky and won’t be seen in the glow of the Sun. Bye Venus. I am partial to an evening Venus since she’s easier to see without having to get up before sunrise. The only other visible planets in the evening sky are bright Jupiter and the dimmer Saturn. Mars is the only planet that can be seen in the predawn sky.

    See you in Aquarius!


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