Astrology During Gemini

    The Sun enters the sign of Gemini on May 20th at 6:24 p.m., Mountain Time. Gemini is an air sign and is associated with Mercury, the planet of communication. No wonder that Geminis are chatty. Typical occupations for Gemini are authors, teachers, public speakers, travel specialists and influencers. They are happier being their own boss so they can work when they want and play when then want. Enthusiasm is their best gift. Their challenge is harnessing their nerves so they can get out of their heads and actually relax a bit.

    This month starts out with Mercury retrograde, who turned backward on May 11th and will turn direct on June 3rd. Mercury retrogrades in Gemini, which is the planet connected with this air sign, making it stronger. Even though it has a bad reputation, a Mercury retrograde is a great time to regroup, reorganize and reboot in general. Specifically, redo the Gemini area in your life. The parts of the home ruled by Gemini are the office, workspace, files and paperwork. Writing or creating new concepts are favored. Brainstorm with friends on new ideas. Just don’t launch the projects during the retrograde. Yes, your computer is in the Gemini domain, so cleaning out your inbox is a great Mercury retrograde activity.

    A powerful alignment is occurring between Mars and Jupiter this month. Jupiter entered Aries on May 12th and now Mars will join Jupiter on May 28th. They are both energetic planets in a very caffeinated sign of Aries. So, the last week in May will be power packed. Tempers could flare. Try no to overreact to situations. Breathe.

    Even though the Sun has entered Gemini, there are still many planets in Taurus. You might not feel as bouncy as usual because of the earthy touch of Taurus. Doing physical things during this time will fee very good. Gardening or light construction is favored.

    About the visible planets, all of them are in the predawn sky and will be throughout the summer and into the fall. The planets are in a tight grouping now and are all visible only before dawn. You are lucky is you are an early riser. Sometimes I get up and go outside for a quick peek towards the eastern horizon to see them and then I go back to bed. It might be worth it because you will be able to see Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter. Venus and Jupiter are easy to spot since they are so bright. Happy planetary viewing!

    See you next in Cancer!


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