Astrology during Leo

    The Sun enters the sign of Leo on July 22nd at 7:30 p.m., Mountain Time. Leo is a fire sign associated with none other than the Sun. Leo is the sign of the entertainer, royalty and gold. No surprise there. This sunny and confident sign loves being his or her own boss. Leadership is natural for a Leo, the King of Queen of the jungle. Nothing is too big or hard for a Leo. They seem to have a golden touch when they put their mind to something.

    Venus and Mars have been traveling together for the last month or so. Even though they have already joined exactly on July 12th, they can still be seen close together after sunset above the western horizon. Binoculars will help see them. They are both in Virgo now which brings a focus on health and wellness. Mars is athletic and Venus is creative, so the combination is perfect for dance and fun movement. Take a class or join one on Zoom. You will be happy and so will Venus and Mars.

    Another good use for Venus and Mars in Virgo is reorganizing and beautifying your home or office. Do a good end of the summer house cleaning and maybe install some of the new organizing units for your drawers and closets. Virgo loves order.

    The other astrological event happening this month is about Jupiter. It seemed like Jupiter was in Capricorn for such a long time when he was traveling with Saturn and Pluto. Jupiter just zipped through Aquarius and entered Pisces on May 14th only to do a retrograde in early Pisces and is finishing his stay in Aquarius. Jupiter will back up into Aquarius on July 28th and will remail there until December 29th. So, most for most of the year Jupiter will remain in exciting Aquarius. I think Jupiter really likes being in wild Aquarius. Both Jupiter and Aquarius are mavericks and willing to break the rules, so they should have fun together. For you, be bold and adventurous for the rest of 2021. Why not let Jupiter help you let your hair down?

    Looking at the visible planets we have some treats in the evening sky. Venus and Mars will be visible after sunset above the western horizon. We need to make sure to see them now because they will be soon be lost in the glow of the Sun. The other planetary treat is that Jupiter and Saturn will be rising in the east after sunset. They have both only been visible in the predawn sky for month and are now starting to become visible in the evening sky. I prefer viewing planets in the evening sky because it’s easy to see them. You have to remember to get up before sunrise otherwise. More people will see them all in the evening sky. There are currently no visible planets in the predawn sky.

    See you next in Virgo.


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