Astrology During Libra


    he Sun enters the sign of Libra on Sept 22nd at 6:22 p.m., Mountain Time. Libra is an air sign associated with Venus, the planet of love. Both Libra and Venus share a natural attraction to beauty. A typical Libra occupation includes a designer, artist, marriage counselor, event planner, appraiser, hairdresser, peacemaker and match maker. Libra has a talent of bringing people together to work as a team. There is also a romantic or codependent side of this sign.

    Welcome to the Fall Equinox. Libra welcomes this season each year. This is when the length of the day equals the length of the night. Equinox means Equal Nights. Many celebrations are happening to celebrate the harvest and the beginning of Fall. Stonehenge is one of the most well-known places to celebrate the Equinoxes.

    The month of Libra starts with Mercury already in retrograde motion. Mercury turned backwards on September 11th and won’t turn direct until September 30th. Retrogrades are time to rethink and therefore regroup things. Mercury is particularly good at noticing old patterns that no longer work. This is what I call a hybrid retrograde since it will be in two different signs. Mercury turned retrograde in Libra and goes back into Virgo before it turns direct. Libra has a focus on relationships and Virgo is good at just cleaning things out. Change patterns in your close relationships if the old patterns are no longer working. Clean house, so to speak.

    Speaking of relationships, Venus will enter her sign of Libra on September 29th and won’t leave until October 23rd. This happening right after the Mercury retrograde is part of the theme. You will be looking at friendships as well as intimate relationships from a new perspective. This would also be a good phase for redecorating your home of office. Bring new colors in and freshen everything up. Flowers are a good thing for Libra. Make your surroundings beautiful. Yes, you have permission to buy new art.

    A big astrological alignment happening this month is Saturn square to Uranus. Most of their interaction occurred in 2021, but they have come back to have one more pass at each other. Saturn is the conservative task masker and represents the old. On the other hand, Uranus is the rule breaker and is here to make a new future. Saturn’s job is to maintain the status quo, while the job of Uranus is to create a new paradigm. They just don’t understand each other. So, the old guard of Saturn will be hanging on tightly to the past as Uranus is forging forward full speed into the unknown. It’s like a tug of war. Who will win? I say the slower planet always wins. So that’s Uranus in this case. They peak in their conflict exactly on the Lunar Eclipse on November 8th, the midterm elections. They are building up even now, as you can see with the unrest in the world. We are in times of change. It’s so important that I’ve written my main article this month and called it The Mid-term Election Eclipse. Make sure to read it.

    Looking at the visible planets, we finally have some planets visible in the evening sky. They have been in a tight alignment for the last few months and only visible in the predawn sky. But now, both Saturn and Jupiter are visible in the evening sky. Jupiter is very bright and rises in the east right after sunset. It’s one of the brightest I’ve ever seen Jupiter get, so make sure to go out and see him. Mars is the only planet in the morning sky while Venus is too close to the Sun to be seen.

    See you next in Scorpio.


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