Astrology during Sagittarius

    The Sun enters the sign of Sagittarius on November 21st at 1:40 p.m., Mountain Time. Sagittarius is a fire sign and is associated with the planet of abundance, Jupiter. Sag is the only sign that has a real nickname and I’m not surprised. Jupiter is the standup comedian of the Zodiac, so why wouldn’t Sag have fun? This sign loves, no needs to do something to the ultimate degree. If one piece of pie is good, Sag will take one just for later. More is always better with this sign. They love to travel and explore new realms whether physical or in their head. Searching for the meaning for life is their passion. How much information can I cram into my Sagittarian mind, is always their question.

    We are entering an Eclipse season and this month of Sag will bring two Eclipses. We will experience a Lunar Eclipse on November 30th and a Solar Eclipse on December 14th. The Moon will have a Penumbral Eclipse that will happen in the middle of the night in the US. These are faint and not easy to see….not worth staying up all night to watch. On the other hand, the Solar Eclipse is Total and can be seen in Argentina and Chile. Even if we can’t see the Eclipses, we can all feel them. This is the month to let go of the old and start fresh. You will see things in a new and welcome light.

    There is cause for big celebration towards the end of this month of Sagittarius. The Capricorn Party is finally breaking up! Yes! That was a long and sad party. I should have named it The Capricorn Problem, considering what has transpired in the last year. Bye Capricorn, Hello Aquarius!

    Both Jupiter and Saturn enter Aquarius within a day of each other and they will conjunct exactly at Zero degrees Aquarius on December 21 or the Winter Solstice. This will be the year to have a Winter Solstice party to celebrate this change of signs. Jupiter and Saturn join each other every 20 years like clockwork. When they move into a new sign on the same day, it’s a big deal and cause for celebration. I’ll be so glad not to have to write about the Capricorn Party anymore, but instead, I’ll be writing about the Aquarius Party. Oh yes, that will be much more fun.

    Regarding the visible planets, Venus is the only planet in the predawn sky right now because most of the visible planets are in the evening sky. After sunset you can see Jupiter, Saturn very close together. This will be the last month to see Jupiter and Saturn in the evening sky. They will soon be lost in the glow of the Sun. Further east is reddish Mars and they are all easily visible along the Ecliptic.


    See you all next in Capricorn and the New Year of 2021.


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