Astrology during Scorpio

    The Sun enters the sign of Scorpio on October 22nd at 4: p.m., Mountain Time. Scorpio is a water sign and is associated with the planet of intensity, none other than Pluto. Both Scorpio and Pluto are involved with letting go of whatever is no longer necessary. Not surprisingly, plastic surgeons, auditors, private investigators and plumbers are often this sign. I’ve named Scorpio the Strategist of the Zodiac. One they focus on something, it just gets done. They are also quite psychic, so don’t try to pull anything over on a Scorpio. It won’t work.

    This month of Scorpio begins with both Mercury and Mars still in retrograde motion. Mercury won’t turn direct until November 3rd, which is the US Presidential Election. Not a good day to have confusion Mercury retrograde. In addition, Mars is also retrograde in its own sign of impatient Aries. Mercury retrogrades often relate to miscommunication and misunderstandings. Add some Mars into the mix will bring agitation in addition to confusion. I don’t think this will be a normal election like we’re used to in the past. It will likely take a while for us to know the results. If you haven’t already, please read my article 2020 Presidential Election, also in this newsletter.

    The Daylight Savings Time ends on November 1st. Most of the US will change their clocks 1 hour this day. The only three states don’t observe Daylight Time are Hawaii, Arizona and the Navajo Nation, also in Arizona. This obviously is jarring for me with my clients all over the world. It’s very easy to be one hour off with your schedules during those what I’ve named, “Transition Weeks”. They are my least favorite weeks of the entire year. In fact, there is a movement by many states to change the country to standard time. I’m a big fan of abolishing Daylight Savings Times completely. It’s antiquated and was created to save lamp oil one hour a day. That doesn’t apply anymore, so why are we still using it? Got me.

    About the visible planets, Venus is the only obvious planet in the predawn sky now. If you get up about ½ hour before sunrise and look above the eastern horizon, you will find her. Mercury is also up, but he’s much more dim and you will need a clear eastern horizon to see Mercury.

    We’re in for a treat because Mars is now visible in the evening sky. He’ll rise soon after sunset in the east. Mars is reddish and is easy to spot. Jupiter and Saturn are high in the sky right after sunset. The planets always travel along the Ecliptic, which is the path that the Sun takes during the day. You can also download a sky app, like Sky Map, and it will show you where the planets are located. Have fun with the sky. It’s always there for us. Jupiter and Saturn are in the evening sky also and are getting closer together. You can’t miss them!


    See you all next in Sagittarius.


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