Astrology During Scorpio

    The Sun enters the sign of Scorpio on October 22nd at 9:52 p.m., Mountain Time. Scorpio is a water sign and is associated with Pluto, the planet of intensity. That works for Scorpio, since this sign is very deep in many ways. Scorpio is mysterious, private, powerful, psychic and oh yes, sexy. A typical occupation for a Scorpio can be a psychiatrist, medium, insurance broker, plumber, plastic surgeon and financial advisor. Scorpio and Pluto are involved with death and rebirth, so they are perfect for a plastic surgeon doing reconstruction. Passion is their main vibration.

    This is the beginning of our next Eclipse Season. On November 18th will be a Partial Lunar Eclipse and on December 4th will be a Total Solar Eclipse. The Lunar Eclipse will be seen in much of Asia, North and South America and western Europe. The Total Solar Eclipse will only be seen in very southern Australia and Antarctica. Mars and Mercury in Scorpio will be involved with the Lunar Eclipse, which will give it a definite inward feeling. Eclipses are perfect times of release. What patterns do you want to change? Now is the time.

    There is one dominant planetary configuration that defines the year of 2021. That rare alignment is traditional Saturn square to revolutionary Uranus. If that sounds like an unlikely pair, you are right. They just don’t understand each other. The job of Saturn is the keep the status quo. In contrast, the job of Uranus is to break the rules to create a new future. When they have a red line or a square between then, it is time for them to try to work out a compromise.

    To make it even juicier, Saturn is doing a retrograde and will square Uranus three times. The first direct was on February 17th, the retrograde occurred on June 14th and the last direct won’t happen until December 24th. So, that is why it’s the defining planetary alignment for 2021, because it lasts all year. We sure are seeing divisions in the world now as a result of Saturn square Uranus.

    Both the Sun and Mars are in Scorpio now and will bring to life both these slow planets. The Sun and Mars will oppose Uranus in Taurus and square Saturn from October 28th through November 8th. We will either see breakthroughs with policy decisions or major resistance to change. It will be a push and pull phase. In your personal life, what can you change to move forward? The question is . . . How much are you ready to release or what of the old will help the new to happen. Yes, not throwing the baby out with the bathwater is the goal.

    There is always a balance in astrology, thank goodness. We have a lovely group of planets that will make these tough changes a bit easier. The Sun, Mercury and Mars are all in Scorpio now and are all trine or a blue line to Neptune, the healer. These dates are from November 6th – 22nd. Neptune will give us a strong intuition that we can follow as we make our sometimes-difficult choices. Do we stay safe with the old way or be adventurous as we welcome in the future? Listen to your gut feelings because Neptune will impart his wisdom on us all.

    About the visible planets now, Mars is the only planet in the predawn sky. If you get up about ½ hour before sunrise, Mars will be just above the eastern horizon ahead of the Sun. The evening sky has brilliant Venus, Jupiter and Saturn along the Ecliptic and easy to spot. Venus can be seen even with city lights.

    See you next in Sagittarius


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