Astrology During Taurus

    The Sun enters the sign of Taurus on April 19th at 1:35 p.m., Mountain Time. Taurus is an earth sign and is associated with the planet Venus. The sign of Taurus always attracts luxury and at a good discount. They get the best quality at the best price. My sister is a Taurus and she goes to the very best stores and discovers amazing finds in the sales rack. Quality comes easily to Taurus. Typical occupations for Taurus are biologists, cosmeticians, bankers, florists and interior designers. Beauty is important for the classy Taurus.

    This will be a calm month astrologically with no eclipses or retrogrades. The Capricorn Party has separated, thank goodness. Yes, Jupiter and Saturn are both in Aquarius, but are not at all close to each other, so there will not be an Aquarian Party. In fact, Jupiter has just raced through Aquarius and will enter Pisces on May 14th where he will remain until July 28th. Then, with a retrograde, Jupiter will stay in Aquarius until the very end of 2021. So, we have almost one entire year of Jupiter in Aquarius. This year will bring some new opportunities especially with technology. Aquarius relates to new inventions and Jupiter is all about expansion. Overall, this will be a year that blossoms with new flowers and chances for the world.

    There are four planets in Taurus now: the Sun, Mercury, Venus and the slow-moving Uranus. Since Taurus is an earth sign, this will be a great month to plant a garden or spruce up your house plants. Try to get your hands in the dirt during Taurus. Touching the earth is very therapeutic and might be important now.

    In addition, Mars enters the sign of Cancer on April 23rd. Since Cancer relates to food, the kitchen and the home, that also points to beautifying your surroundings. Mars will be in Cancer until June 10th, so if you are up for a home renovation, now is the time. Mars deals with construction, so if you want to knock down a wall to make more space, just do it!

    About the visible planets, Mars is in the evening sky and is moving towards the western side of the Ecliptic now. Soon, the Mars will get lost in the glow of the Sun. Venus has passed the Sun but is still too close to be seen yet in the evening sky. But we can see bright Jupiter and Saturn in the predawn sky. They are still fairly close together and are easy to spot about ½ hour before sunrise.

    See you in Gemini!


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