Astrology for the Presidential Election and the Inauguration

    What is everyone thinking about now? The 2020 Presidential Election! As always, Astrology offers clarity in confusing times. I’ve been studying the charts of the Election as well as the Inauguration and it’s time to share this knowledge with everyone. Just a warning . . . they are both bizarre charts.

    The main focus astrologically now is the grouping of planets that I’ve named the Capricorn Party. I know, it hasn’t been a fun party lately. This rare grouping of planets, Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter are in the last degrees of Aquarius and will be entering the sign of Aquarius soon. Saturn and Jupiter join exactly at zero degrees Capricorn on the Winter Solstice 2020, so we are at the very end of this lousy party. I will soon be writing about the Aquarius Party, which will be much wilder than Capricorn ever thought of being.

    Since these planets are in Capricorn now, they have to complete their Capricorn business while they are still in that sign before they enter the new sign. So, we’re in a condensed Capricorn period. Capricorn is a serious sign and is associated with rules, regulations, government, structure, laws, corporations, Wall Street and keeping the status quo. Capricorn will desperately hang on to the image or illusion of the good old days.

    To spice things up, Mars retrograde in impatient Aries forms a square or red line to the stern Capricorn Party. The rare retrograde adds to the collective frustration  and indicates that people are upset with how things are being run. We have rampant fires in California, a devastated economy and demonstrations and riots in the streets. All very Mars. Now that we know the background, let’s look at these strange charts.


    2020 Presidential Election


    There are several unusual things about the chart on election day. The information I used was November 3, 2020 at 9 pm in Washington, DC. This chart has the Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Gemini with a Cancer rising sign. Scorpio is an intense sign and since the first Tuesday in November is in the constitution as the designated election day, it will always be a tense day. The Gemini Moon relates to communication, or miscommunication. The Moon is joining the North Node, which signifies the collective, so everyone will be thinking and talking about the election. The Cancer rising sign will give it a decided emotional leaning.

    One of the unusual situations with this chart is that both Mercury and Mars are retrograde. Mercury retrogrades can cause confusion with communication and is very likely accentuated with the Gemini Moon. Often there are delays with Mercury retrograde, so we might not see a neat and timely result to this election. There are already threats to take whatever happens to the courts to decide. Adding the frustrated and impatient Mars retrograde to the mix will make it even more tense.  Let’s officially look at the geometry in the center of the chart, starting with the red lines or challenges.

    The dominant Capricorn group is on the right of the chart in the 7th house. Mars in Aries is square to them from the top of the chart. Mercury is square to them from the bottom of the chart. Anger and miscommunication are the energies of those red lines.

    The other red lines point to Neptune, who is square to the emotional Moon and the Nodes. The challenge side of Neptune is deceit, confusion, insecurity and fear. Whenever the North and South Nodes are involved, it touches all of humanity. The entire world will be glued to this election, guaranteed.

    The last red line is from the Scorpio Sun at the bottom to the rebel Uranus on top. Uranus wants sudden change and is involved with revolution.

    In summary: The red lines or challenges of the Election chart are confusion, frustration, emotional outbursts and likely delays. 


    Luckily, there are always blue lines or talents in every chart, always. The solar system always has a balance. This Election chart has three blue lines or talents that balance the red lines, ideally.

    One blue line goes from the Sun at the bottom to Neptune on top. Neptune is the healer and wants to heal the nation with this election. This is a very good angle, folks. The next blue line is from Mars at the top to the South Node in the 6th house. Mars likes to fix things and the South Node relates to what is broken and needs to be fixed. This angle is about the ideals that we will choose to remedy what’s broken.

    The last blue line or talent is the Gemini Moon to Mercury at the bottom. This one is about everyone being in touch with their emotions on a collective level. We’re all in this together.

    In summary: The blue lines or talents of the Election chart are a sense of healing the collective spirit through change and moving forward.

    To summarize the Election chart: If everyone has patience and perseverance, positive change will happen that will help heal the world.



    2021 Inauguration


    Even though the Election chart is strange, the chart of the Inauguration is the one that is truly bizarre. I’ve done over 50,000 personal charts and have probably researched that many or more over my career as an astrologer. I’ve never seen a chart as volatile as this with this many contentious red lines. Hey, I’m Miss Positivity, but you just can’t sugar coat this.

    The Presidential Inauguration is a ceremony that marks the start of a new four-year term of president of the United States. It involves the new president being sworn in with the presidential oath of office. The information I used to cast the chart was January 20, 2021 at noon in Washington, DC.

    Before we start interpreting this chart, I have a huge announcement! The Capricorn party is finally breaking up! On the Winter Solstice, December 21, 2020, Jupiter and Saturn will join each other and waltz into Aquarius together. Yes, Aquarius, the revolutionary, is the next sign after Capricorn, the authority figure. So, I will no longer be writing about the Capricorn Party but instead now, the Aquarius Party! These planets transitioning into a new sign will start a new phase in the world.

    Looking at this strange chart, there is a huge group of planets high in the sky. Pluto and Venus are still in Capricorn. We have the Sun, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury all in radical and revolutionary Aquarius. These planets are ushering in a new paradigm with passion. The sheer number of planets gathered there dominates this chart.

    The bizarre part of this chart lies tucked into the 12th house of the collective unconscious. The planets are Uranus, Mars and the Moon. Uranus is the planet of the future, surprise, sudden change, disruption and chaos. Assertive Mars joins Uranus Exactly on that day. Mars is the planet of action, aggression, being impulsive, force, fighting, military and war. To add more to that unstable mix is the Moon in Aries. The Moon is the planet of emotions, family, home, community and society. Together they make an incredibly volatile combination. When these planets join they can indicate earthquakes, volcanoes and explosions. Will the military be involved with this transition? Very likely.

    As you can see in the chart, there are a crazy number of red lines or squares between these two big groupings of planets. Except for Neptune, All the planets in the solar system are involved with this red angle. This is beyond unusual. So, what does this mean? It shows that this moment in time will mark sudden change in the world. Of course, these planets will be square each other for quite a while, so this is just the beginning of a time of change for everyone. Passion is a good word for this combination. Tempers could flare. Count to 10 before you react.

    When I said Neptune is the only planet not involved in those red lines, actually Neptune is very involved in this chart. Neptune is in sensitive Pisces in the 11th house and is square to the North and South Nodes. The Nodes are points in space that relate to the collective, the entire population of the world. When the Nodes are involved, many cultures are affected by the same issue. This can be a seen in natural disasters and in our current times, it was Covid. Neptune is the healer of the Zodiac and it is astrologically obvious that the entire world is dealing with this pandemic.

    When Neptune is challenged, it deals with isolation, insecurity, addictions, deceit, confusion and basically, fear. The world has a choice to heal or to give into fear. Another style of Neptune is illusion or not being able to tell what is truth and what is a lie. With the media and social media so polarized, it depends on what you are reading  as to what is your truth. With this rough Neptune transit, even the concept of truth is being questioned. Somehow, truth has become the enemy, which is so Neptunian.

    In summary: the red lines or challenges of the Inauguration chart bring sudden changes to society if we don’t give into fear.


    There is always a balance between the red and the blue lines. I know it doesn’t look like that in this chart, but the blue line is stronger than it looks. The one blue line or talent for this Inauguration chart is Mercury in futuristic Aquarius empowering the North Node in the 2nd house. It will be easy to spot because it’s the only blue line in the chary. Mercury is in a strong position high in the chart and acts almost like the planet to oversee the rest of the planets. Mercury is about new ideas, intelligence, education, communication and connectedness. Since Aquarius rules the internet and the collective, Mercury sees the future from this perspective.

    Mercury is shining on the North Node in Gemini. The North Node is the best of the collective spirit, the part that wants to work together as all inhabitants of the same reality, called Earth. There is a unity and a recent vulnerability that has happened with the shared experience of this pandemic. Somehow the world is smaller than it was a few months ago. I wrote an entire article on the North Node in Gemini and called it Learning on Demand. One of the up sides of this lockdown is that a lot of education is now being streamed over the internet. Even when the virus is gone, much of the zooming with continue.

    This one blue lines gives all the positive parts of this Inauguration chart to people connecting with each other around a new style of communication. There will be a meeting of the minds, if you will. The collective, which is totally Aquarian, will come up with focus of intention. Pushing all this change will unify people. So, the positive of this chart does balance all of those challenges. It’s like the breakthrough had to happen before the new ideas could merge.

    In summary: The blue lines or talents of the Inauguration chart are the ability for society to focus on the future and new ideals.

    To summarize the Inauguration chart: It will take an emotional force and intense action to enact change in society, but as a result, humanity can reimagine itself.

    How can we each be part of this momentous time in history? Exercise your right to vote. We are in historic times and we are all part of recreating society. It is up to you and me, We the People.




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