Bring Astrology Back to the White House, Nancy Reagan, Nancy Reagan!

    After the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan’s life on March 30, 1981, Nancy contacted Joan Quigley. Nancy met astrologer Quigley on the Merv Griffin show in the 70’s. She asked Quigley if that shooting could have been foreseen and she said yes, absolutely. At that point, Quigley was hired to be the secret astrologer for the White House. After Reagan was no longer president, Quigley wrote a book about her experience that was titled, “What Does Joan Say?”

    Joan and I were both speakers at an astrology conference and I had a great conversation with her about how she consulted President Reagan. Her technique was fascinating. She did her astrological calculations, but it was how she presented it to him that was interesting and unique. She used a color-coded system where red was bad, yellow was caution and green was good. She actually colored in a calendar so he could plan his month’s work. On red days, that could be potentially dangerous for him, he should lay low and stay safe. On yellow days, he should be cautious and careful. On green days, he can travel, sign documents and be in public. I’ve included a calendar similar to what she did for Ronald Reagan. It’s quite a brilliant way to easily explain astrology to a novice, even if it is the President of the United States.

    Here is a famous quote from her book. “Not since the days of the Roman emperors, and never in the history of the Unites States presidency, has an astrologer played such a significant role in the nation’s affairs of State.”

    The 2020 Presidential Election was controversial and contentious. The Democrats were victorious in this election and it might be because of the personalities of the winners. So let’s take a look at the charts of Biden and Harris.

    An astrology chart is the picture of the planets in the sky when and where a person was born. All charts look different even though they are all composed of the same pieces. The basic components of each chart are the planets, signs and houses. The planets represent the core essence, like Venus is love and Mars is action. The signs represent the personalities, like Aries is assertive and Virgo is meticulous. The houses represent the areas in life where the action happens. The Rising Sign shows the outside personality.

    All the pieces are pulled together with the geometry in the center, or the red and blue lines. The red lines depict challenge and the blue lines show harmony between the planets. Now that we all know the basics, let’s start looking at their charts. (See charts below)


    Joe Biden

    Biden’s biggest grouping is in the 12th house with his Scorpio planets. Biden has his Sun in passionate Scorpio, his Moon in secure Taurus with his Rising Sign in outgoing Sagittarius. Scorpio is known for understanding things on an inner level, especially in the personal 12th  house. Venus is next to his Sun, which shows a deep sensitivity. Communicative Mercury next to speedy Mars is intelligent, but often has speech problems, like his struggle with stuttering. He would be good at research and problem solving.

    His Moon is in Taurus, giving him stable emotions. His Rising Sign is in outspoken Sagittarius, which shows his big and friendly personality. Other important planets are Saturn and Uranus, who are on the right side of his chart, which is the position for marriage, relationships and allies. Biden is very connected with community, his family and has long-term allies who he has worked with for decades.

    In summary: His red lines or challenges are about him trying to explain his solutions to his allies. Can he talk people into his new ideas to solve issues?

    Looking at his blue lines, or talents, his benevolent Jupiter in the sign of Cancer is up in the 8th house of others’ money. Jupiter is involved with success in accomplishing social projects. It is in harmony with his Scorpio Sun in his inner knowing. His other blue line goes from the healer, Neptune in his 10th house of occupation, to relationships . This gives him compassion to want to help others.

    In summary: His blue lines or talents, describe his ability to convince other of his ideas to help the citizens he’s serving.

    To summarize his chart: If Biden choses his allies wisely, he can implement his projects.


    Kamala Harris

    Harris has a very unusual chart because of her geometry. She has two perfect triangles, or Grand Trines, that form a 6-pointed star. Very rare and very powerful. Her Sun is in the diplomatic sign of Libra, her Moon is in self-assured Aries with a very intelligent Gemini Rising. She is also born exactly on the Full Moon in Aries to give her even more punch.

    Even though her Sun is in tactful Libra, Mercury is Scorpio is right next to her Sun which will give her a very direct and often intimidating presence. She wants to get to the bottom of issues. Red lines opposing her Sun go to the Full Moon in dramatic Aries in the house of humanity. She is willing to fight for the underdog.

    Her other red lines involve the business guy, Saturn, in the futuristic sign of Aquarius, who is square to expansive Jupiter in Taurus. She wants to move the old into the new. Those planets are being prodded by her very strong Mars in Leo, the leader. Harris is a natural born leader who is eager to take on difficult projects. Her red lines are topped off by the healer, Neptune, who wants to bring peace through change.

    In summary: Her red lines or challenges, talk about her needing to choose her fights carefully and know when to be kind and when to be aggressive.

    Looking at her blue lines, or talents . . . well, she has many of them. Let’s start with the air Grand Trine that involves her Sun. Before we pull this triangle together, I need to introduce the North Node on her Rising Sign in her 1st house. The North and South Nodes describe our past live patterns. They also connect with the collective of society. The North Node is the destiny point and the South Node is the karmic side. Many people with a prominent North Node are celebrities or political leaders. It is incredibly fortunate to have the North Node on your Rising Sign, and in Gemini makes her a grand communicator. So, this triangle unifies her diplomatic Sun, fortunate North Node with the business mind of Saturn in a very harmonious way.

    Her other Grand Trine is in fire signs, making it more assertive. This one involves her powerful Aries Moon with the initiative of Mars in Aries and ends with the South Node in the house of relationships. This talent is about her new ideas and leadership that need others to complete.

    Before I finish the chart for Kamala Harris, I need to point out the grouping of planets at the bottom of her chart all in the organized sign of Virgo. Nothing gets past those planets and they will always do things in a correct manner.

    In summary: Her blue lines or talents, explain her natural leadership abilities that are combined with organization and business skills.

    To summarize her chart: If Harris can soothe instead of intimidate people, she can lead the world into a new way of being.


    Somewhere in the Universe, Nancy and Joan are looking down at us now and I’m sure they are hoping that astrology returns to the White House.





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