Chinese New Year of the Water Tiger

    Welcome to the Chinese New Year! Last year for the Metal Ox, which changes to the Water Tiger for 2022. That’s a new animal as well as a new element. But before I explain the Water Tiger, let’s get to know a little about Chinese Astrology.

    The Chinese New Year starts on a different day each year and is decided using astrology. It begins at sunset on the second New Moon after the Winter Solstice, in China. Western and Chinese Astrology have similarities but also have differences. Western Astrology uses 12 signs and Chinese Astrology uses 12 animals. The main difference between the two types of Astrology is the elements. Western Astrology uses four elements: Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Chinese Astrology uses five elements: Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth.

    In addition, Chinese Astrology uses a very cool 60-year system. Each year the animal changes but the element remains for two years in a row. For example, 2020 was the Metal Rat and 2021 was the Metal Ox. So, 12 x 5 = 60. When a person turns 60 years old, it will be the same combination as when the person was born.

     The year of 2022 will have a new animal as well as a new element. The Water Tiger! Let’s get to know the Tiger first and then we’ll add on the element of water.

    The Tiger is one of the most fierce and unpredictable of all the Chinese animals. He is extreme, fearless, restless, rebellious, emotional, impatient and hot-tempered. Diplomacy is a challenge for the impulsive Tiger because he is suspicious and revengeful. The Tiger enjoys breaking long-term traditions and shaking up society. Dramatic events occur during Tiger years. Therefore, it’s not surprising that Watergate and the crisis around the resignation of Nixon happened in a Tiger year. We can expect a year of massive change to society, especially with the introduction of new and controversial ideas.

    Luckily, the Tiger has endearing positive traits too. He is generous, dynamic, charismatic, affectionate and has a brilliant sense of humor. The Tiger has a humanitarian side to him and often through force, wants to help people. He thinks he can accomplish anything. His best trait might be his vigor for living life to the fullest and how that rubs off on others. A Tiger year can bring out the best if all of us.

    Will the element of water calm down this unpredictable animal? The Water Tiger is typically more open-minded and is not as restless. He is humane and is less temperamental than other Tigers. The Water Tiger is good at communications and Public Relations. Here's a picture of the Water Kitty.

    Although Tigers can swim, cats don’t like water. Think of trying to give your home cat a bath. Not fun at all. So, the Tiger might have an awkwardness about water and a feeling of being out of his comfort zone.

    If 2022 seems like a year of turmoil, here is something to remember. The Chinese New Yar isn’t just happening to us…..we are always in charge. It’s like a song that’s playing in the background. Each of us can harness this powerful energy and use it for the positive. We will feel driven, enthusiastic and ready to start anew. What passion is stirring within you? The year of 2022 is the time to embrace it and move forward with robust and unrelenting energy.


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