Daily Astrology for February 11, 2021

    Astro Word of the Day: New Moon in Aquarius.

    Today is the New Moon in Aquarius, which is the perfect time to set your intent ions for the upcoming month. Even though it's a New Moon, Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius now too. So instead of starting new projects, your focus might include finishing projects you have already started. If you are in the middle or at the end of something you've been working on, now is the time to finish it. Aquarius loves change, so this is a great time to look at your life with a new eye. What are you totally happy with and what is just ok. The things that are just ok need to be spruced up or released. Of course, Mercury retrograde is the time of release, which happens three times a year. Now is one of those times and I would say this one is a super Mercury retrograde because it's in the middle of this huge grouping of planets in Aquarius. Yes, we have a Aquarius party now. Even though it looks like a huge grouping in the chart of today, most of the party is made up of fast-moving planets, so it will break up soon. The only slow planets who will be in Aquarius for a while are Jupiter and Saturn. So, what are your intentions?


    New Moon in Aquarius



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