Daily Astrology for February 22, 2021

    Astro Word of the Day: Mercury Direct.


    Mercury ended his retrograde on Saturday and is now moving in direct motion. This is the time to start some fresh, new projects. Mercury is actually doing a very cool thing now. He is in the Aquarius grouping of planets and will be joining expansive Jupiter on March 4th. Aquarius brings innovation and with smartie Mercury next to abundant Jupiter, your mind will be opening up in new ways. Try to see your world differently. Move things around to make more space. Jupiter loves having a view in your home as well as in your mind. If you can, hike up a mountain or get high up in a building or on a roof so you can see from a new perspective.  Pay attention to your daydreams as you will likely be downloading new information. Oh yes, laugh as much as you can. Jupiter is the stand-up comedian of all the planets and loves a good belly laugh.



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