Daily Astrology for January 11, 2021

    Astro Word of the Day: Intense.

    Everyone knows that I'm Miss Positivity, but things are shifting for me during this week. I just can't put sweet words like, completion or organization now. The Astro Word of the Day will be Intense through the Inauguration. Angry or driven Mars is  joining unpredictable Uranus exactly on January 20th. This is not only affecting politics and the world stage, it's also affecting each of our daily lives. I'm feeling anxious and a bit clumsy, which is odd for me, since I'm very coordinated and usually in the flow easily. I'm suggesting that everyone take is easy this week. No bungee jumping or hot air ballooning now. Be mindful at take things easy. Be careful. Count to 10 before you react. Breathe.


    Inauguration Chart

    This is the wild chart for the Inauguration chart on January 20th. This is the most intense chart I've ever seen as an astrology. How many red lines can the planets have? Take care until this is passed. 


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