Daily Astrology for January 13, 2021

    Astro Word of the Day: Intense.


    This is the time to be real and I just can't write Astro Words like creative or spiritual. Until the inauguration is over, the word is Intense every day. Instead, I've decided to interpret the chart of the inauguration that I'm posting each day. This is the most volatile chart I've ever seen and it warrants attention. Yesterday we looked at angry Mars who is joining unpredictable Uranus to bring chaos. Today I want to look at the Capricorn planets who have entered revolutionary Aquarius. Capricorn represents the status quo, government and regulations. Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter have been there for the last few years. (Jupiter was in Cap for only one year). Both Jupiter and Saturn made an auspicious entry into Aquarius on the recent Winter Solstice. Mars and Uranus are squaring Jupiter and Saturn now and will be for a while still. The worst of this is what we saw last Wednesday when a lawless, brutal mob attacked the US Capitol and are planning more attacks. We need to watch that carefully. The best of this is a drastic new beginning in structure and policy. Everything will be different after this planetary angle. Personally, how can you use this astrology? Make some changes in your life to use this energy in a positive way. I'm doing some light construction in my house and it feels good to make changes that I've designed. Know you are in charge of your life. Be careful this week and next because there is danger in the air. Count to 10 and don't react without thinking. Breathe. 


    Inauguration Chart




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