Daily Astrology for January 25, 2021

    Astro Word of the Day: Sun, Jupiter, Saturn!

    Since the chart of the inauguration, I've decided to do more astrological interpretation. There is such juicy astrology right now that it deserves more attention. Ok, the Sun is moving past Saturn and Jupiter this week and are all in Aquarius, of course. That combination will bring some surprises to the world. Since Aquarius is all about new beginnings, we will see new policies, new patterns and new projects. Yes, this is for government and it is also for each of us. Change things in your personal life as much as you possibly can this week. Move around furniture. Organize your house. Clean out the corners symbolically as well as physically. Yes, Mars is still square to most of the Aquarius planets to give this week an extra push. You will feel like being busy and getting things done. Since the Sun is next to both Jupiter and Saturn, they aren't visible now, so I'm going to be posting the chart of the day instead of the picture of the planets along the Ecliptic. Let's learn more about astrology and how it can help us. 


    Chart for January 25


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