Daily Astrology for March 29, 2021

    Astro Word of the Day: Libra Full Moon.

    We have a Full Moon in Libra now. I hope everyone saw her rising last night in her full glory. Libra is all about beauty which works well now. Venus, Libra's planet, is traveling with the Sun this entire week. If you are ready to start a creative project, now is the time. Also, are you feeling a bit more social? Venus loves interacting with people. There is another exciting alignment also occurring this week. Mars is in perky Gemini now and is joining the North Node. The Node often relates to society. I find it so interesting that many schools are reopening now. What a perfect synchronicity for all that positive Gemini energy. Learning something  new is happening now, even if you aren't in school. You might want to sign up for an online class to use all this pent up Gemini that is ready to open up your mind. 




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