Meghan and Harry: How Do their Charts Match Up?

    This is maybe the most talked about couple in the world right now. Last month I interpreted both of their charts and now I want to do a comparison to see how their souls get along. Why are they together? Was it just about shining a bright light on the Monarchy or is it more? Juicy details are usually what I uncover when I do a comparison chart.

    For example, if there are a lot of Mars and Saturn connections, it’s more stressful than fun. If Venus and Jupiter are the main contacts, then love is the outcome. The feisty planet Uranus can bring shock and sudden change. When Pluto is highlighted, it will be intensity. A compatibility chart exposes how people get along with each other. This will last for the duration of the relationship.

    Before we combine Meghan and Harry’s charts, let’s refresh our memories. Here is my article from last month: https://susiecox.com/blog/meghan-and-harry-an-aquarian-love-story

    Meghan was born on August 4, 1981 at 4:46 a.m., in Los Angeles. Her Sun is in dramatic Leo, her Moon is in creative Libra with a family-oriented Cancer rising sign. Looking at her red lines or challenges, her 1st house of personality stands out. With the Sun, Mercury and the North Node in Leo, her 1st house dominates her chart. She is meant to be an actress and yes, even royal. Royalty belongs to Leo. The North and South Nodes involved means she and Harry have been together in past lives. They definitely have a karmic relationship.  Meghan’s strong voice needs to be heard, as it was with the shocking and revealing Oprah interview. Her 7th house of marriage is strongly affected by her public image. Meghan is a lioness.

    Meghan’s other red lines point to a large group of Libra planets in her 3rd house of communication. She has a lot to say and since Libra is all about relationships, that is her focus. Her Moon is in Libra with the infamous group of planets we have all seen last year. She was born with Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter and the Moon together. Remember, those were the planets in Capricorn that shut down the entire world. She has them in Libra, but just as strong. Did she shut down the Monarchy? The lioness roared.

    We have a red line from aggressive Mars to the emotional Libra planets. Mars happens to be in the sign of Cancer, which relates to changes with family. She is willing to fight for what she wants in a relationship. As you will soon see, Mars is a very important player in their comparison chart.

    Blue lines in a chart show strengths and talents. Meghan’s most powerful blue lines are from her Libra planets to the South Node in her 7th house, which is Harry. They share an emotional, karmic bond. Her other karmic bond is with her children, shown by the blue line to Uranus in her 5th house. She wants to protect her children and will change the rules to accomplish that mission.

    In summary: So her children can be protected, Meghan demands change from her husband’s family.

    Now let’s look at Harry’s chart. He was born on September 15, 1984 at 4:20 p.m., in Paddington, UK. His Sun is in stable Virgo, his Moon is in secure Taurus with a determined Capricorn rising. Harry is triple earth with the Sun, Moon and Rising all in the earth element. He wants a stable life. So much earth would easily show the expectations and responsibilities particularly with his duties as a Prince. He likely always felt controlled by his royal obligations.

    What stands out in Harry’s chart? When he was born, almost all of the planets were close together at the top of his chart. It was easy to see he was born to be in the public eye with so many planets high in the sky. That must not be easy for a private Virgo.

    Let’s look at his red lines or challenges first. His Virgo Sun in his 9th house has red lines to both Mars and Neptune. Mars is often involved with accidents and Neptune is abandonment. He obviously was impacted by the death of his beloved mother, Princess Diana. When talking to Oprah, he said his main fear is “history repeating itself”. Harry’s other red lines are to his Mercury in Virgo in the 8th house of other’s money. His Mercury squares the radical planet, Uranus. That line absolutely helped him leave his family. He needs freedom, even if it means to be cut off financially. His freedom cannot be purchased.

    Now let’s look at Harry’s blue lines or talents. His 12th house of privacy is very strong with several planets there. This house is quite altruistic and wants to help the world. He might have inherited that trait from his mother. His decision to pull away from his birth family was to ensure privacy for his married family and children. He will figure out another way to support them without his royal allowance. Will he be able to help the world more easily now that his is independent? He and Meghan have already started a foundation named, Archewell: Compassion in Action.

    Harry’s last blue line is very telling. His protective Virgo Sun is trine to his paternal Taurus Moon in the 5th house of children. He has an innate need to protect his children. His Moon Nodes, or past life experiences, relate to his children. Archie will soon have a little sister.

    In summary: Harry is here to make decisions that will change his life path so he can protect his family as well as helping the world.

    Now that we are familiar with their individual charts, let’s combine them to see their compatibility. I’ve put Harry’s chart in the center and Meghan’s chart on the outside. You can recognize all of Harry’s planets in a close group. Meghan’s are scattered around in the bi-wheel. I’ve circled the planets they have in common.

    Let’s start on the right with the circle around Mars. Meghan’s assertive Mars is exactly on Harry’s 7th house cusp! This connection is very powerful. Remember that is the house of marriage. Now that’s a volatile combination. Mars on the 7th hours cusp shows that she was meant to cause havoc and turbulence with her in-laws. More juicy secrets.

    Looking above Mars is a circle around her Sun in Leo. Where is her Sun? Exactly on the cusp of his house of others’ money, inherited family money! She caused some drastic changes in his finances. His inheritance was cut off. But on the positive side, the Leo actress in her will definitely bring in other sources of income.

    Now let’s look at the 9th house. This circle contains Meghan’s Moon, Saturn and Jupiter in Libra. This placement is so interesting because the 9th house is associated with publishing and presenting yourself to the world. He has given her a much bigger platform than she had as an actress. They have already signed lucrative contracts with Netflix and other networks.

    Compatibility charts for romance need a close connection with Venus, the planet of love. Harry’s Venus is in his 10th house of reputation and notoriety. His personal life has been on display since he was a child. Now his marriage is on display. It’s always going to be something. He will never escape public exposure. Meghan’s intense Pluto is joining his Venus. Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth. This combination highlights the possibility of “history repeating itself”. It also indicates passion between Harry and Meghan. They apparently share a struggle with mental health issues, which would be an intense bonding.

    The last circle is around Harry’s Moon in his 5th house of children. Meghan’s Uranus, the rebel of the Zodiac, is opposing his Moon. This would show emotional turmoil for Harry concerning his children. The Moon also relates to home. They have left his home in England and the Monarchy to be closer to the Queen Oprah of Montecito. Her Uranus has done a great job of changing his entire life.

    Overall, this comparison looks more like business partners than it does romantic partners. Their combined business and finances will be very successful. On a personal level, their compatibility seems quite unpredictable and volatile. This doesn’t mean that they will break up, but it does mean that their emotions will rule their personal life. It is very unlikely that Harry will ever return to the typical Royal way of living. Now he is telling the world how his father passed on “pain and fear” to him. Harry wants to break that pattern with his children. It looks like, with the help of Meghan, that is happening. In the Cancer newsletter, I’ll be doing Meghan and Harry’s transits and we will see what they reveal about this transormational time in their lives.


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