Saturn Square Uranus . . . It's Not Over Yet!

    Last year stodgy old Saturn did a triple square to the rebel, Uranus. The books say it’s over, but I don’t agree. Yes, the angles were exact last February 17th, June 14th and will occur again on December 24th to wrap up the year. But in October and November 2022 they will square each other again and in a dramatic way.

    Saturn has an orbit of 30 years and Uranus has an orbit of 84 years, so they don’t do this dance very often. Plus, Saturn could have just done one square and didn’t have to do a retrograde at the degree, so this configuration is even more rare than normal.

    The most important planetary configuration of 2021 was Saturn square Uranus and it was easy to see in the events of last year. It’s the job of Saturn to maintain the status quo and protect the past, which is at the opposite ends of the spectrum from radical Uranus, whose job it is to break the rules to welcome the future. Will they ever collaborate with each other? That is the plan but it’s not easy for them.

    The influence of Saturn can easily be seen with the mandates and lockdowns that have been demanded and implemented throughout the year. Uranus showed his presence with all the protests that have occurred internationally to stand up against tyranny and the onslaught of authoritarianism rampant in the world now. The year will end with their last official square on Christmas Eve, December 24th. Everyone is celebrating this being their last square, but with my research into 2022, I can see that they aren’t finished with each other yet.

    As I was researching the Eclipses for 2022, I realized that Saturn and Uranus were involved with the hairy Lunar Eclipse in November. And, yes, it is a hairy Eclipse! The more I looked, I realized that not only was there a Lunar Eclipse and Saturn square Uranus, but something else, which is very important. What is the date of this Eclipse? November 8, 2022. That is the exact day of the mid-term elections. The Exact day! You can’t make this up! Check out the chart! 

    Leading up to the Eclipse, Saturn is square to Uranus in October and through the elections in November. So, it is easy to see the build up to the elections will be heated and very polarized. As you can see from this difficult chart, Saturn is the main planet in focus. It is likely that the mandates and draconian rules will be the main thing that people are concerned about. Democracy and freedom are at risk and everyone knows it. There will be confusion and probable delays with the results of many races.

    We can only hope that these two planets, with the help of the Lunar Eclipse, will bring a decisive and positive outcome for the elections. This will indeed be the last square between Saturn and Uranus for another 14 years. It’s been a rocky road and I am looking forward to a smoother future for the world.


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